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  1. your vital 3 and your 7 day vital stack if you have saya grace on my side if you hover you see +110%(+15%) when you equip the 7 day one so the stone is giving you 125% saya grace instead of 110%
  2. i believe you can change your email. but that means for all toons on that account. you cant transfer a single toon inside an account to another.
  3. it is legal you need to have more then 1 ncsoft account you can run up to 10 clients on one pc/laptop on classic PER PC. so you can have your full party +1 shop account. but if you logged into the live server then you can only have 2 additional clients on classic due to live only limits 3 clients running, so you cannot have 3 clients open on live and 10 on classic https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047233832-Lineage-II-Multibox-Limit you will get a msg if you have more then 10 clients open already and try to log in another toon it will say the pc clients is
  4. well to be hoenst, it doesnt really matter, as long you enjoy playing your toons that is more important. you can e.g. play a healer live healer is always nice to have but if you hate that class there is no point in playing it. as for PVP, as long your well super geared I think they all okay. you can be a dps if you dont have good gear and the opponent is a healer with nice gear you still get dropped. I would advise you to get your own personal warcryer + BD if you go for a non nuker class. and a SE+EE +BD if going to be a nuker. SWS is a nice add on as well. if you dont want to bo
  5. no, you can try to sell it to players or exchange it for exp scrolls for some event (like the one now) or dump them into random craft and hope you roll something epic and pay 1mil and then resell that item
  6. Think I did around 20 or 30 no luck
  7. in the nccoin shop there is a starter package box for 0 nc coin where you can get armor and weapons an d some timed boss jewels
  8. i never noticed it before. mine deactived sometimes but last few times it happened i was there and the reason why it shut off was due to i was lagging out for some reason. and my toons respanwned on the map the the auto hunt was off
  9. which server you on? if you on talking island i can give you a Meastro anvil lock i have a spare one in my warehouse. also got an artisan frame & metal harder. i know where the Blacksmith frame, cord, reinforced metal plate, silver mold, metallic fiber and maestro holder are as well but you need a spoiler for it
  10. Think I understand recall correctly i got mine in sea of spores. Are there any others you looking for as well?
  11. if you look at the mobs info you have an icon saying what type of attribute the monster belongs if any. across some of the hunting grounds you do encoutner some. but leveling your attirbute you mainly do in the elemental zones (most efficiently) you get exp but no adena. wall of agross, wind plateau, forge of gods, garden of eva.
  12. as mentioned above SE is a must EE is nice as well. i would recommend to get a BD and SWS at some point of time. BD + M.atk and casting speed sws reduce MP usesage As a mage I would ditch the warcryer but go for either Prophet or Overlord. due to they both have casting speed and Zerk and warcryer doesn't
  13. https://www.lineage2.com/news/tales-untold-patch-notes search on blessing
  14. Didn't receive anything but don't expect anything fancy haha
  15. Beast shots are cheaper to summon it with soul crystals as far as I know
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