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  1. this site has the most accruate information about items and drops which mobs. l2wiki never updated cruma or toi drops but here they did it is the Russian Version of L2 Classic(renamed to legacy) https://l2central.info/classic/items/ the website is in russian, but if you have chrome browser you can use the build in google translate to translate all the russian to English and you will understand 98% of the items. only the search is bit crappy cause it needs to be in Russian but they have decent filters. it is a very good site I think they even have a list of all the po
  2. there no quests in game we trying to ask them to enable it, the card quest in aden is still there and there some quests in devils isle but that's about it
  3. The frozen canyon is a good instances especially to get a hour of decent exp and also adena unlike the pirate one which is exp only for people with less good gear. You could consider of adding that one as a pernement instance and keep the 200k entry and once a day. Would be a great add on in the game
  4. Hi I saw some people have a clan cloak with an icon on the cloak it self how do you upload those?
  5. the item collection it is applied on your base stat as for the xform collection you need to choose
  6. lets hope they are updating the data base so it finally shows correct information
  7. Mid C and up you can get by defating raidbosses, mobs, random craft or dwarf craft or buy from playres. offline shops are in Giran on talking island server
  8. i think what he wanted to say you dont have Grade restriction. you can wear full S grade on a lv.1 toon
  9. just keep in mind higher level adena is harsh. Not sure what you planning to play At high level its mostly you either want adena or you want exp. Archers nukers can level fast in LoA but adena is super low. Toi more for fighters or you need to have very high end gear. Most people have few toons next to their main party to farm in catacombs, or forgotten island and devils isle. Another way to make adena is also selling items for subjugation but you need to be pretty high level and nice gear to do it efficiently
  10. It all depends on what you want and how you want to play. I can tell you selling loot boxes is fast money. But there are many ways of making adena. What I can tell you is at higher level adena is a harder to come by. If you don't want to buy nccoins and sell loot boxes. You need more then 1 account for sure. Farm spell books some are more valuable then others and sell them or make alts get your daily quest done to get the 1 piece of transformation book trade it at puna for 1 transformation when you have 10. Those sell between 1kk to 1.3kk Dont use ss when farming. You can run u
  11. Why not ? If your other toon is lagging behind. Go to settings and uncheck the box saying performance mode. Then it should run smooth
  12. Depends on the item. Last event boxes was going for 5kk to 7kk a box.
  13. @Sunshine@Hime according to the text it supose to open at 1800 to 2400 but i cant enter even when the server time is passed 18:00? when can you actually enter?
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