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  1. Antharas only to bad it is unkillable. and you dont need the audience quest to go see him haha
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melee_(game_terminology) Bow is not a melee weapon https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melee_weapon
  3. there is an exp event going on so there is no exp loss so if you use skill with exp restore it will say it is zero% because you didnt lose anything check again after weds.
  4. On the right cornor of the page is support button open a ticket there
  5. I believe deathwishiper drops not in ivory crater But in sea of spores from the golems. But yeah it all depends on luck i farmed 2 weeks nothing. But some people got it after an hour or day If you have the funds maybe just buy it from people try to shout it in world chat. If not just enjoy the part of the game to build your character
  6. southern region follow the road walking norths towards cave of trails at some point on the road you see a road that forks to the right that doesn't appear on world map. if you look to the left (if you look left you see a valley). walk into that hidden road on the right side and follow it. it will go up hill a bit then down hill and curve to the left if you still cant find it PM me in game
  7. They at the south of orc Island, there not many only like 4 of them in a small valley. You on talking island? If yes I can show you
  8. You can get it from the npc sven in giran or aden. Some raid/instance drop it also forgot which one
  9. You dont need it. Goto town and click on the circle medal looking thing and just select what you want to be
  10. yeah the rates are horrible hmm I think around 90~110. I forgot it was a while back I normally will enchant them all to +4 then what I have left I plus each of them to +5 then what's left over to +6 etc. that's how I do it with these talismans. got a +6 Speed, +6 eva on my main. as for Aden I got +7 on 2 toons. and another has a +6.
  11. depending on your gear/class at lv.40 ~50 if you have nice gear Cruma is the best. but if you dont have good gear. places better then Ivory tower Alligator island forest of mirrors (here you have a mirror mob which drops some spell books and the mirror spawns more mirrors so if you can kill them fast it is pretty nice exp) sea of spores (could get some nice sb drops for Adena) Timak Outpost then at higher levels try either these Cemetery outlaw forest enchanted valley field of massacre Patriots Forbidden path in principl
  12. this is a +6 I have. the enchant rate is lower then the Aden talisman as far I can tell think the Speed and Eva is about the same rates
  13. Hi, I have similar issues. playing for over a year never been an issue. but last few days I have like 16 crashes in total. before it happens i also have Graphic issues on my game EXP bar will gone and when i open inventory or ranking interface it will look like this and it will crash soon
  14. Believe they drop from the elemental instance raidbosses
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