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  1. This really needs to be changed back actually. This does not have any consequence for the farmers. They have multiple PC's so the limit only keeps the regular players from keeping up with them. As a non farmer I need multiple parties going, 1 to make Adena and then my main party for XP. Although if you prefer to let us sell mats to the NPC and make it where dwarfs craft SS and not just buy from the shop again I am all for the 10 client limit because then I will not need a party to do nothing but make Adena. Such dumb changes.... All 3 do nothing but help Adena sellers. Makes you wonder if cer
  2. Queen Ant drops are pretty bad. B grade and C grade stuff. I can understand A grade but B and C is just not right for a lvl 85 boss. Not worth the shots. Is this intended or is this going to be updated??
  3. Pretty sure it should be a +16 S grade weapon box
  4. How do you even get banned? there are literally thousands of bots running around at all times. I thought NCsoft already threw in the towel
  5. How in the world can NC Bot not have one in game gm that can ban bots. They are everywhere, in town and out of town. Pri vate servers take better care of their community than this.
  6. Strange, I quit playing when all this crap changed and it was no longer classic. It turned into some care bear game for crybabies. Classic was challenging. Made you play careful so you did not die and loose your gear. Yeah you had some high level greifers that would come along but they never lasted more than a few minutes. Other high levels would come and pop his cherry. Sad but I basically quit when the bot hordes won. NCSoft gave in and accommodated that farmer bot groups instead of the players. I use to drop trains on bot groups and loot the drops from them all day. NCSoft reacted to player
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