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  1. Make Lineage II 15$ a month again

    The answer is quite simple, they have more players if its free to play.
  2. Joining random parties is indeed a horrendous experience, look for a clan, that's how most people made friends in L2. Or add friend people you enjoy playing with in random parties and you can start from there.
  3. This game is best played with friends. Look for a clan and join parties. Many people who came playing on classic came with friends because they know how lineage 2 is meant to be played.
  4. Im done. Im leaving.

    Find some friends to play with, you will progress faster than solo. This isn't some 2018 MMO where you solo through the whole content in a week or a month. You should have known this. Good luck
  5. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    Its only a matter of time until they release its name, hence project the lineage because currently its just a project they work on. Might be wrong tho.
  6. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    They will release l3 PC based but it will be a sequel of lineage 1. Look it up
  7. You forgot 4 to satisfied players. players who bot 12hr a day getting rich off drops swimming in millions of adena.
  8. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    we need lineage 3
  9. The reason adena rate is so bad and no +12 dyes is because it conflicts with their client(GoD) one. And changes gameplay.
  10. Level 55 is bugged, and here is why

    You can also make it in 5 minutes or less
  11. Level 55 is bugged, and here is why

    if you're not in an aoe mage party u will need 2 weeks to lvl up or maybe less depends how much you play.
  12. Beast Shots Are No Joke

    reroll make necro or sh with ee se bd boxes u 2 shot mobs with cdl in EV and get easy money
  13. This event is slap on the face.

    Its rng event with strategy to keep players online, feelsBDOman
  14. Mobs in Tower of Insolence

    Mobs activate ultimate defense when they get damaged by ranged attacks, is this gracia final or classic?
  15. easy fix = disconnect everyone who's afk for more than 30 minutes.