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  1. Restart the server ONCE a day and 1 box per PC (free to play) is the reasonable thing to do at this point.
  2. Even VIP players have to wait in queue to login now..
  3. I hope the cry-babies will quit soon so the hardcore players can play.
  4. You know that changing the PK system is madness. No wonder people are going nuts.
  5. Buddy, weapons in classic consume only 1 ss, only bows consume 4 ss
  6. WOW! They took away our "tool" to farm on BOTS, so now the server will be crowded with them and the only way to get rid of them is to wait for staff decision to ban. Smart/active players will always be aware of grievers, bots won't. Bots will destroy the server even faster this way. Please KEEP drop on death!
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