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  1. If we die in PvP are we going to loss exp or that will be removed? Would be good to be removed to motivate PvP. else people may not want to fight.
  2. Exp loss on PvP

    what happen bitches, now everybody is crying for the exp loss? told you before server start.. there is no pvp because 4% or 10% is a lot to loss.. and don't want to imagine when you hit lvl 40..
  3. same problem here.. can we disable this option? same for PIN.. it's a nightmare to have a PIN
  4. Quest Rewards BUG

    mages are bleeped up with this problem.. you can't do shit. this is a major problem. when the heck is going to be fixed? even private servers have their own developers.. ncwest failing again
  5. So far..

    welcome to l2 classic.. if you know shit about game and want to play c1 go and play some private c1 server.. simple
  6. About character PIN.

    same problem here.. cannot login because of stupid PIN - answer my ticket!
  7. @Hime need PIN reset. Please somebody answer my email in support... can't log into the game!
  8. interesado.. cual es el discord?