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    Sadly our current party got disbanded but some members decided to stay so we are now looking for some fresh blood to give it second birth All other info inside game "Gera or pm here. GG!
  3. BOTSBOTSBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bots are everywhere... botting high level locations and making about 50kk adena a day and selling it to the websites and shops... with 9 char bot trains using adrenaline that overcomes the restriction of 3 windows so you can run 100 bots from 1 pc... Traders in Giran with huge amounts of keymats that are replaced everyday so you can straight away see a bot that farms like 50 pieces of Avadon gaiters in one night and so on and so forth... And most impressing thing that no one really cares about it BUT! Legit players are getting banned day by day for nothing with a response time of one week due to suspicious activity.... What a nasty joke....
  4. Looting rights

    Nothing changed after the maintanance and lvl 1 chars keep taking the loot rights and even after killing rb the loot rights do not reset properly and enemy cc members can still pick up the loot...
  5. Can any competent staff member explain what exactly got fixed with the loot rights and how it works? Nothing changed! The loot rights keep resetting randomly or not working etc etc... as if nothing got fixed... explain this please?
  6. Loot rights

    Is there any correct explanation on how the loot rigths on command channel work please? If for example an enemy command channel have a loot right over some rb and my command channel start to hit that rb and the loot right timer is reseted every 5 mins but if my command channel kill the rb the enemy command channel still have the loot right! How does this work ?
  7. Cant Login

    It resolved... but i remember how much smooth and perfect the game used to run when i played RU classic servers. It was literally a heaven compare to this... such a shame...
  8. cant login to the server

    The game goes until the server choose window and when i choose one and press OK nothing just happens... Any fix for this ?
  9. It is not a security measure obviously... It is to prevent people from having 9 frames farming on autoloop macros which is 100% botlike farm...
  10. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    Guys can you please answer if EU/Russia/CIS players would have a chance to play on these servers or not ?! It is one of the most important questions for L2 community right now.