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  1. lul

    Only spend what you're willing to lose - Casino logic, am I right?.
  2. lul

    Think I'll get forum banned if I share the cost/odds for this. But please don't refi your car/home. Prioritize buying food, new clothes, paying bills. ~Sais
  3. They are working on a resolution - patience. As with most things involving foreign parent companies, these things take a bit of time. Let's not derail the only remaining thread with squabble.
  4. Gludio Castle : He's very LATE!

    ready bud https://ibb.co/dJ05tkZ
  5. Server first/only lvl4 clan with 10% xp/sp boost. Looking for active, English speaking players. Level 45+ for non supports, Level 20+ for supports. Discord is MANDATORY, there will be an interview process and a recruit trial phase. Please w/ "Freda, "Sais, "Dafasha, "Malikus, "Sephin for recruitment details.
  6. Any word on this @Hime? I have a bet that involves a friend getting a character sex change over this matter.