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  1. Adena Rates Still Not Right

    Make drops 3x, help make the game a little less grindy, pretty crazy that a top b-grade recipe is like 1/23810 ratio (lance recipe). That's a little bit excessive even if Lineage 2 was brand new game let alone a 15 year old game.
  2. Monitors 4K Ultra HD

    I had same problem. At windows back ground screen right click with mouse and change screen resolution to lower lvl. You might have to play with screen resolution a little bit but it will make icons in game larger
  3. Why did they not discuss BOTS?

    I want to buy launch pack to support the game but I will wait to see if the bot problem has been resolved before I purchase any item. I have not played for years and I am excited about playing again but if the bot problem still exist I probably wont play long and will definitely not be purchasing anything.
  4. Remove looping macro

    I quit playing L2 because of bots, if everyone is allowed to Auto-loop and look like bots I will probably quit again. What's the point in playing the game if you don't actually play it and just Auto-loop.
  5. Main Support Rare?

    Support character's damage was always good at early levels and since it takes longer to level and the monsters being more challenging, I am hoping that support characters will be in more demand. I remember early days of L2 if you owned blessed soul shots you were rich and I spent a lot of time on my butt healing hp, it would of been nice having a support character in party back in the good old days, hopefully L2 will make classic reboot more hardcore rather than everyone gets tons of soul shots and buffs because we don't want people to struggle. Maybe if macros did not exist then support characters would be even more valuable.
  6. Dual Boxing is nice but I remember when you had to pay subscription and most people only had one account it seemed like a lot more people played together and there was more comradery. What does everyone else think?