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  1. Wynn Arcana Lord, although it's a very unrealistic class. Try getting two cats to consistently do what you command them to! Character name: Catlord Server: Chronos
  2. How dare you have expenses outside the l2store?!
  3. I'm not sure what you're talking about. All I said is that keeping bison up shouldn't be a problem at all. This is what my chant of bison was like before I switched to sword muse a few months ago. Did the reduce the extra time the skill enchantment gives?
  4. Got a couple of disconnections as well. I was also playing lord of the rings online at the same time, no connectivity issues there. It's funny because L2 NA is the only game I've had connectivity issues with. It's also the only game where support is giving everyone the exact same copy/pasted replies blaming our ISPs and whatnot.
  5. I haven't bought xp items this time around either. The "discounted" vitality items are still costing an arm and a leg and cakes are about x10 the price they were going for since the last sale a couple of xp events ago. Besides that, there's not that much to do. Aden instances are the same instances that we've had for basically a decade, just higher level and you enter from a different npc. Grinding is done by macro -thank god. Pvp content is just a no no if you can't or won't spend tens of thousands consistently and rmt on top of that. Honestly, the main reason I'm still here is because I can'
  6. Prestige is not that bad. It's affordable and gives nice boosts.
  7. The items you receive are the ones listed on the purchase page and you receive them every month. There used to be rewards for being subscribed for longer periods but that has been removed years ago. Do note that even being in a distance party with someone who does not have the prestige rune (the adena boosting one) will also nerf your adena drops, so all your party members need to have the rune for the adena rate to not be nerfed.
  8. Been trying for top ari on my main since the homunculus system was added, best I've gotten was mid-tier. I'm talking months of daily summoning before the new set was even added. Ever since the new additions things are even worse. I'm not sure whether I've gotten a top-tier one and if I did it must've been once or twice and something completely irrelevant to my classes. I've given up. Also trying to get the abilities they got leveled seems to be getting progressively worse. Been over a month I've been trying for stage 3 of the last ability left to level on my mid-tier kaw. Doesn't seem to be ha
  9. Are you talking about this? If you click on the brooch/bracelet/seed bracelet/artifact book then what's equipped within those is displayed above.
  10. Character name: Catlord Server: Chronos Cat gang dragon watching and waiting for Temporarily Unavailable™ Lindvior. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes
  11. When are you going to make the in-game macros not suck? %c doesn't work and if they ran any slower they wouldn't run at all.
  12. On that note let me state that I'd really prefer getting zodiac agathion thingies and stardust from my fishing chests and none of that hot springs clan hall war inventory-filler crap.
  13. It's funny how they put restrictions on epics and their objectively meh drops but they didn't think to do the same for the neutral zone and timed zones which are a goldmine. Farm ios with 15 toons? Sure. Farm epics? Absolutely not!
  14. You got the following choices: Reset dualclass at any given time with only race restrictions but it will go down to level 85 from NPC Raina in Talking Island. Chaos Essence for the dualclass with which you can change within your class type (e.g. duelist to titan) and the usual race restrictions (as in maestros are only dwarves) Red Libra change to any class type also with race restrictions but you get to keep your dualclass level.
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