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  1. This game is a joke

    I'm counting down the day until all these people stop bitching and just leave to their high rate illegal servers again. If you think this is bad, you obv didn't play C1 on retail. We didn't even have mission prizes then, nor did most people have boxed buffers since it was $15/month per account.
  2. it's fine how it is.
  3. 1. Disabling fishing won't make people log out. 2. Disabling the boss event won't make people log out. 3. Shops are inherently AFK and server restarts will bleep alot off when their shops get reset. Solution - make the VIP 4 have a bit more incentive to buy and allow it to be bought through the website. Take the money made from VIP and rent a new server. Offer free transfers to the new server. Wait for the population to die down in a month. Merge servers. Profit.
  4. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Click image if you've been in queue all day :) mmm the salt
  5. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Welp, in the queue now for 3.5 hours and it's at 428. I'm going to bed now, so someone can have my spot in line
  6. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Thank you for the hard work at fixing this <3
  7. Now you'll have to change the front page from "hardcore" to "semi-hardcore"
  8. DEX for dagger. Does it increase land rate?

    according to the l2 classic wiki, no. Dexterity (DEX) P. Accuracy P. Evasion Atk. Spd. P. Critical Damage https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character's_Stats Plus in 2016, there was a player run test to determine if DEX and STR affected the outcome, and the results were that it did not. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/566669/ IMO, the land rate is probably based on the accuracy of the attacker and the evasion of the target at a scaled RNG. So to some extent with that theory, yes, DEX vs DEX would matter in a fight.
  9. About stats

    Strength (STR) P. Atk. P. Critical Damage Dexterity (DEX) P. Accuracy P. Evasion Atk. Spd. P. Critical Damage Constitution(CON) Max. HP HP Regeneration Weight Limit Lung capacity Shield Defense Intelligence (INT) M. Atk. M. Critical Damage Wit (WIT) M. Accuracy M. Evasion Casting Spd. M. Resistance M. Critical Rate XP restoration at resurrection Mental (MEN) Max. MP MP Recovery M. Resistance Magic Cancel for incoming damage Resistance to M. debuffs (Sleep, Hold, etc.)
  10. I hear ya. I wanted to get on TI server but went to Giran instead because of the queue bug. I figure that they will merge them in the near future anyway, so no worries.