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  1. WTB Karik Horn

  2. WTB Karik Horn

    Hello boys, i buying a Karik Horn(Blunt two hand C) PM "Suny or "iFernando Talking Island*
  3. ARENA PVP (ncsoft answer?)

    I think nope, because is a classic server no illegal. GL
  4. Well... You can leave now, bye.
  5. -14% exp on Death? Wtf??

    I die and lost 14% i take a 1:30 hours to up WTf?
  6. Warlord y Warcyer Busca CP

    UP Seguimos buscando CP
  7. New potion Development

    Human Quest give soulshots too Mages dont like this
  8. "Prepare for Trade" Quest Reward Bug

    Human quest give Soulshots is you chosen ''Spiritshots''
  9. L2 Store - Buffs

    Well that no is problema, because.... Buff scroll, SS and Bss have a High price on L2 Store, and Only sell SS/BSS nograde and SSD/BSSD
  10. Bueno yo tengo 23, asi que no entro en requerimientos Sad.
  11. La edad es requerimiento en clanes... ????
  12. Buscamos CP MELEE o Mage.. Seremos Warlord y Warcyer Main.