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  1. People complained about a nerf in the drops from the Elite Walter Dragon Chests a while ago, if that is true, it may explain the prices going up.
  2. Is it intended not to include Field of Crissis in the list of timed zones that receive bonuses, and if so, why?
  3. Could you please share other important changes that are expected to come with that update?
  4. Agreed on all points: they never listened to the player base, it is their right to do so (their obligation really as most of the requests may affect the game income), and it is in fact silly to expect anything different at this point. But it is not silly at all to expect an answer (any kind of answer, may it be ”we can't, we don't want to, it is not possible”, whatever) as the minimum sign of consideration for all the palyers that participated to the poll they started and provided all the information they asked for (some of them extensively).
  5. Can you also check element defense values? At least in IT also mobs take a little less dmg, not by half but enough to be noticed. Ty!
  6. Maybe we get a ninja/unannounced nerf to all the mobs' attack abilities, like we got a ninja/unannounced buff with the Herald of Light "update"? /irony off
  7. This is exactly the state of things. It would be an illogical choice and a bad business decision to change anything at this point. Applying any of the things we ask for would reduce the profit gained from the server, even if we are right to ask for them and they are already implemented an all other servers (including the one in Rusia, ironic, right?). The server is as it is, it is our choice to play or not, we do not get a right to decide anything about the server. You want the things you ask for and that are implemented on other server? You are free to join that server, who is stoping you?
  8. Unfortunately, this seems to be true. Just look at what happened to the poll they made: players voted, expressed their opinions, tried to contribute to making the server playable, and the thread was closed and moved to Archive without a minimum reaction or the shortest answer. No one asked for free Dragon weapons or something like that, just minor adjustments, and they were all disregarded without any reaction. One is left to wonder, what was, really, the purpose of that poll? In my opinion, we deserve an answer after taking the poll and presenting our thoughts on the update, both
  9. I think this time something has to. If not from one part (devs), then from the other (players). Everyone has a breaking point, and i think this time the line has been crossed for a large majority of players, both f2p and p2p. Maybe not by the change itself, but by the direction it is outlining. L2 players seem to be ok with hard gains, but people are usually happy when they see progress coming out of their work, as small at it may be. But when you come after a year of hard work and very small progress and take it away with an update that doesn't even include that information, the predicta
  10. That is simply false: Farming Adena on IOS 1/Neutral zone now is impossible for ”lower geared toons” precisely because of the old players that you point out to be part of, who have taken over all this farming places designed for lower toons. So as an old player you should know that very well, or, if you don't, you should not bring it up. I do agree that what you claim to be good adena farming applies to old players, so this may very well be the reason you speak so highly of this changes. On the contrary, live is a lot harder for the ”lower geared toons” you speak of, because all the mobs
  11. Depressing in deed... Makes me think of an awful working place. The kind of job where you go in, do the hard work, put in as many extra hours as possible, spend your own money to improve your skills for that job, and yet, you salary constantly decreases over time. In real life, how many would put up with this? And for how long?
  12. How could anyone enjoy seeing his char getting weaker in half a day? Like i said, in any game, just like any other activity, you would expect to get better as you invest in it. We spend time and money to progress, and then un ”update” comes that downgrades our chars back a few months and negates all the money spent on it. What can keep us motivated to continue playing if this update comes and we realize we just lost a few months and some money with absolutely no gain? We could pick up and try to move forward, but forward to what, more ”updates” like this one that pushes our chars back to
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