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  1. Spirit Potions have 7 days Deletion Date.
  2. Agreed. As a citizen from the Netherlands it feels unfair. Imo everybody should have a chance to get the rune. Not just a few amount of countries.
  3. Any reason Amethyst 5 is missing on the list for the Night Market Coins? @Juji
  4. I really enjoyed the old Ant Queen. Running through the tunnels. Pvping all the way through the tunnels and at the boss area, holding all tunnel exits from enemies. That area was perfect for making smart plays. luukdoei Naia
  5. Hi! I'd like to add to this forum post I decided i'd like to change my +5% PvE damage augment on my Elmore +10 to +7.5% p.skill crit damage. I spend around 20k NCoin on augment stones to end up with +7.5% Skill Crit Rate, never saw 7.5 crit damage. I noticed i barely even saw crit damage on lower %. Made a ticket to complain about these insane rates. They told me it worked as intended. But I have a strange feeling that they bleep up chances during events to increase sales on the Store. 20k NCoin = 250€ = 140b+ adena to not even end up with the augment I wanted.
  6. My favourite class is the Male Human Sagittarius. I've been looking for 9 year old screenshots, but the laptop i've been playing on back then got fried, and haven't saved them anywhere else. luukdoei Naia
  7. I didnt know that addressing a recent issue with random L2 crash reports is considered crying, my bad. Since Juji stated that they are researching the issue, I guess i'm not the only person with the same problem. We'll see if they manage to fix it.
  8. Are u planning on fixing the issue with random game crashes while teleporting between towns or teleporting in Party Instance Zones. I think it is an issue for atleast 3 weeks now.
  9. @Juji I feel like this issues became worse. I have multiple crashes while going instancezones, teleporting between town, and even while running in a special hunting zone. Before I had it only once every few days. Today i've had 2 crashes already while walking in PI and teleporting in Baylor.
  10. Luukdoei: "I don't know anything about Lineage 2 lore." Mythic-looking creatures: "Don't worry, we like u anyway. Feel free to join us in the water." luukdoei - Naia
  11. Hi Juji, I send u a private message through discord with a screenshot of the Crash Report, because I dont know if the crash report reveils info, which I dont want to be public. Besides that I noticed another issue lately. When I teleport somewhere, I dont crash immediately, but the game freezes, and seconds later i disconnect.
  12. I was the person who crashed in his party today, while porting in Kamaloka. I noticed it happening sometime by teleporting from town to town aswell. I forgot to screenshot the message. When It happens again I will post it here.
  13. Thanks for ruining the only positive update since my return in last december. Cant u tell the overseas Dev team to mind their own business and force ur hand that u want it the same as it was. First let us taste of all the good stuff IoS 1 brings with increased difficulty on mobs. Now the mobs stay on same difficulty and adena is halfed? Im never, ever really that salty about any change. But as u can tell im pretty salty. If u want to keep this game alive u might wanna stop pushing players away with every update.
  14. I'll keep it short. Don't nerf adena drops, increase on different spots. Introduce the einhased shop. Bring back quest, dailys, factions to give people purpose. Let mobs drop armor/wep/stuff again. Even if its on a low rate, I really enjoyed waking up from farming and seeing a present in the inventory, eventho its only 1. I'll hope u do something with the feedback.
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