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  1. Hi, I know it is very difficult and it demands many many time but you never know... Basically, I would like to request a new class for Orcs which is FEOH. Would be nice if they can control a new element and have their own Feoh skills, actually I am not sure why Orcs have 2 ISS.
  2. Hi, Before you become 4th class change there is a set of question with the Mysterious wizard which does not make sense for me right now... Does it really matter which answer do we choose? Does the mysterious wizard appears later on?
  3. Hi, I have played many times with different Chars and it does not seem to increase the items for the exalted quests when doing Abandoned Coal Mines, I have also asked the colleagues within the party and they are having the same issue...
  4. Hi Guys, This is just for curiosity... Is there a website or something were we can see max lvl for players? I know within server we can see it under "Ranking" but I would like to know which player is top around the world or a website with a top XX max lvl players? I see Naia is 120 which really impressed me. But I am curios to see if there's somebody 150+ Best regards
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