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  1. I agree. It's kind of a rough time yet. The game has some high demands needed for a clan to be able to invite more than a small core base atm. Even to get to first level requires 150,000 adena. Best bet is to either form your own clan, and try to recruit 10 people, as others are having the same issue as you. Or really hit the clan channel in the forums, and hope to get picked up.
  2. The game use to punish you for going red, but not to the extent it is now. Right now the pendulum has swung to far in the other direction, and has turned the game so anti-PK that anyone can abuse and grief parties and no one can really bother doing anything about it. Its not asking to be allowed to go kill anyone you want, or to kill anyone you want to take their hunting spot. The problem now is anyone can come to your area where you are partying, and after you have aggro, they can freely attack your mobs, run in and spoil them, or in the case of AOE parties, can stand beside you
  3. And here is a quest - Arrow of Vengence for Lvl 32-39. What the heck!!! Each Harpy's Feather - 6 adena Each Medusa's Venom - 7 adena Each Wyrm's Tooth - 9 adena
  4. And it gets worse after that. Here are the rewards listed as the Sense of Business quest for lvl 21+ Monster Eye's Meat - 2 adena Basilisk's Gizzard - 2 adena Monster Eye's Lens - 10 adena
  5. Yeah after those super sweet quests from lvl 1-19. Now we get really messed up quests. Here are the rewards as per l2wiki.com for classic server. Can't verify they are correct, but feels about right. Skull - 25 adena Deadman's Spine - 5 adena Thigh Bone - 5 adena Deadman's Arm Bone - 5 adena Ribs - 5 adena Deadman's Complete Skeleton - 100 adena Zombie Head - 8 adena Zombie Heart - 5 adena Zombie Liver - 5 adena
  6. I would personally stay away from Warlock until/unless they fix the price of Beast SS. Without Beast SS, the Kats don't hit very hard, and from my experience so far, are unable to hold aggro at all. You would start with Kat attacking, then as soon as your archer fired a shot, the aggro would switch to the archer, and the Kat would just be chasing then hitting it lightly or not at all if you are kiting. Sorc would probably be the best, as both of you could hit hard from a distance.
  7. 4) not really answered fully. Don't expect to hit Max level in this game. I played the game almost 8 year the first time around, and was never close to Max level. And that was with 5-6 hours a night with SS spam on full. The way the game is now, you can't afford SS spam, and the amount of XP required in the higher levels is actually higher than original, even though up to lvl 20 was way to fast imo. But yes there is alot you can do in this game without being max level. This isn't like other games where you hit max level in a week/month, then play the end game. It's up to yo
  8. I agree it's quite messed up right now. The anti-griefing carebear rules on the server have created a more massive griefing issue. Anyone currently can come and KS you as much as they want, and the current mechanics allow it. It won't stop when there is more to XP to loose. Because its skewed to always screw the person defending their spot. At the very least we need it so people attacking reds flag as purple. That way when you are attempting to burn to crazy amount of mobs to go white again, the person you killed can't just come back and kill you, or run you out of your spot.
  9. Actually I would say its easier as a Mage to find a group. As a mage you can look for an AOE party, and nuke away. To many people have SE's on dual box.
  10. LOL, were you on TI? If so, I was out in the same area last night on my Artisan. And got almost the exact same results as the Artisan you were comparing with. So many Leather Glove Linings I don't know what to do with them all. LOL.
  11. Vivisector


    Wrong they are asking for it to be like it use to be. They fixed 1 type of griefer, and totally opened it up for a different type. The way the game is right now, anyone can come to where you are doing an AOE party. Hit Spoil Festival and start swinging the pole to steal XP, and drops, and you can't do a thing about it. They won't flag, so it won't be a PVP issue. If you kill them, you have about 800 mobs you need to kill to clean your karma. They can return, attack you as much as they want, and they don't flag even then, It's a KS'ers paradise.
  12. The problem isn't actually that the mob is bugged. It was actually one of the easiest mobs in the quest chain for my Destroyer in training. The problem is when I attempted to do this quest on my warcryer in training. Ouch. The big difference between every other race and Orcs is that The Fighters are great even super powered fighters. So they design the mobs accordingly. Unlike all the other races, where buffers start out as plain mages, and have all nukes to lvl 20. Orc Mages get nothing. They are just as weak, if not weaker melee fighters than other races mages, and they have no nu
  13. I agree this needs to be fixed. At the very least have a player that attacks a red go purple themselves. Becuase the way it is now, like I had the other night. Someone can come to where you are hunting in a AOE party, pull out their pole and start swinging away. Spoiling all the mobs, and stealing XP and last hits on mobs. And there really is nothing you can do about it. You can drop them, like I did, but then you have hundreds of mobs to kill before you work off the karma. They park another toon with rez, and pop right back up, and can start attacking you as much as they want. They wo
  14. LMAO, No. You need to still spend Adena on Ore just to summon. Then 20,000 shots won't get you a level once you are at higher levels. And you will be left with nothing. Maybe that is ok if you would be ok with your Weapons exploding (And not into crystals) after a bit of use. Back in regular L2, Beast shots were somewhere near 7 Adena per shot. 75 Adena at these Adena drop rates makes them pointless.
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