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  1. You get all wrong ... i`m asking for compensation for troll rates nothing more! money that have been donated are not the topic here
  2. ROFL i dont get you guys ! NCSoft staff made drop rates under the normal!! they actuaoly admit it and fixed it week later , what is wrong to be compasate for this 8 days strugle ?
  3. what wrong with it ? we have done what we had to suport the project , whats wrong to admit they mistake and compansate community?
  4. Dear Staff of NCsoft , you made a mistake! You set the drop for incredible low rates , what is your plane to compensate Players ? I persona have donated 60$ to the project so far. What is your thoughts ?
  5. Hello Staff , have donated for Ncoins and still dont recive any i got paypall payment on screenshot if needet
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