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  1. what NPC do we need to speak to to start this quest? or do we just have to be in a clan that is signed up to the siege?
  2. Arsh I see your frustrations... but some food for thought... if you purchased a merc and it had no steering wheel? wouldn't you send it back and then next time buy from a different company...? something you already know i'm sure.. but you don't have to pay to play this game it is your choice to pay, if this was a subscription platform like it used to be many years ago i would be in line to agree but now because at its core this is F2P i cannot and NCsoft will not either. lot of player get mad because they spend 100's every month and still don't get what they want... this
  3. You can also expect to see a lot of people hate on this game yet still sink $$$ every month into it and somehow think that gives them the right to tell NCSoft what to do. but anyways in all seriousness this server is the "official" server but they still receive their "orders" from elsewhere. We get informed of what is happening via patch notes and that is it. There is times where players are asked for feedback but we don't see a lot of the conversation that's happening behind or know how long these things take.. which to be honest i think its the main cause of player frustrations.
  4. Shinra


    I'm looking for more information on this class i'm a PvE player so not to worried about PvP. I understand for for the first 60ish level you should play it as a mage(nuker) using robes and two handed staff Using 'Blaze' and 'Kat' to recharge your MP so you can auto hunt. but at what point do I switch to using 'Kai' to fight mobs and swapping into light armour and higher P.Atk weapon? also what armour and weapon is best for summoner who is using 'Kai' to attack(tank mobs)? Also last thing is how do you auto hunt with your Summon and just cast heal on them withou
  5. same with UD not sure if it's by design...
  6. One thing i have come to realise with this game is you can play dwarf and spoil and craft... you can do it, its legitimate way of playing but its slow! there is nothing stopping playings making dwarf leveling up to 52+ getting level 6 craft and making C/B grade equip to sell. Problem is not dwarf needing buff to make viable etc it's the game economy people can get items so easily from other sources. random craft, l2 store events etc... this is because of the introduction of real life money to the game its people esstially buying adena. So that's why dwarf seems useless.
  7. I don't think this would work but you could try.. Macro 1 buffs x10 Press hot key for macro 2 Macro 2 target next player buff x 9 press hot key macro 3 Macro 3 target next player buff x 9 press hot key macro 4 Macro 4 Target player target player (creates Auto follow) /delay 1190 press hot key macro 1 repeat as many times as needed then you never need to right click and loop a single macro just left click first macro and it forms its own loop.
  8. What is this quest? i thought after this quest line it was just the dailys...
  9. Be interesting to see if they look at the L-Coin drop rate as well... As I believe when you hit level 40 and collect your first coin it tells you, you can get upto 400 coins a day.... yet im lucky if i break 80 a day...
  10. I have a Chant of Rage for sale if thats any good for you. I'm looking for Chant of Vampire and Movement - 3 days at Sea of Spores and no luck >.<
  11. So just hit 48 and SP is already starting to become an issue... I don't remember it being like this when i used to play.. i assume this is a side effect of the fact you are boosted through the first 30 or so levels. but anyways does anyone know if there are specific mobs that a better SP to exp ratio? so i can hopefully farm them. I don't mind if the exp is rubbish or adena is bad i need the SP. I know 2x 3x hp mobs have better EXP SP rates but I specifically need SP that's greater to exp. Also i don't really wish to invest IRL money for pixels on a screen and i'm reluctant
  12. hey not sure if you have answered this yet. but it used to be (years ago when i used to play) if you had 4 PKS or more you could drop at random anything from your character (gear or inventory) but not your weapon. there is also a sin eater quest you used to be able to get from black judge used to be located at hardins (death pass near giran) not sure if its moved now or even still exists but that quest allows you to reduce your pk count.
  13. i might be new to classic but, the point of the server is for it to mimic the days of old, it does take longer to level up and get what you want/need that's part of the reward when you get there. it took time and effort. putting more things in game for people to spend IRL money on to level faster takes away from that. specially when it starts to give them a larger mechanical advantage over other players.
  14. don't worry krissa, i know all about the grind, like i said i played back in c4/c5 >.< leveling now seems so much easier. yeah DukeGr gets it. relax, kill some mobs, learn some cool skills play with friends. take it easy game is good
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