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  1. WTS Anchor and Sacrifice Spellbooks msg here or in game "bufy
  2. Like title say post your offer
  3. Leave forum, start play you will see ppl already got c-grades so please stop this.
  4. Nice drop, i opened 1000 box, got 5 buckler, 1 ng light pants, 0 armors, 0 weapons. So dont warry be happy its always could be worst.
  5. Ofc not, only 1k people siting there for whole day and night. For sure thay will sit there 24h for 2 box.
  6. If you dont have balls to run with Karma, you shuld just leave or dont PK
  7. Noone want you here so you can just leave.
  8. Cruchy

    Server queue

    Go play aden server maybe
  9. Hahahah how about no. Compensation?? If you cant pay 5$, for vip 1 im trully sad. If you dont want to pay before checking game go play Aden server.
  10. Please tell me, what is value added to game by ppl who not paying for it? Why anyone runing business should listen to window shopers? In my opinion (im not paying ) i shouldnt dimand anything. If i enjoy game i play, if not im leaving and dont crying.
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