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  1. Mass dcd 3 times today. Internet is fine, something is looking wrong with the servers.
  2. Hello @Juji, I gathered a small list of bugs (that arent on your list yet) that I should share with you: 1. Mobs in giantscave seem to hit a lot harder, specificly these: Lesser Giant Warrior Lesser Giant Shooter ( I just got hit for 9000 while having 2.5k pdef, which never happend before the update). 2. Adena drops are decreased by 25% 3. Mobs in antharas lair seem to hit a lot harder, spcificly these: Plando's Cave howlers I assume these are all bugs since I can't find them in the patch notes, and since new players are not ready for these mob bu
  3. I checked btw, Sayha grace does not increase adena drop. Please hotfix giantscave drops... If gc gets nerfed there is nowhere else to go for me.
  4. Sayha's grace is only for exp according to the patch notes right? This is just a straight up kick in the balls in my opinion.
  5. Giantscave adena drop rate decreased by 25% This is unbelievable... The only place in the game where a normal player can get some ( its not even a lot ) adena and you nerf it into the ground if you calculate in the costs of shots there is almost nothing left... I can't sell a kidney to play this game, stop stealth nerfing the high lvl farmzones and gives us some decent drops ffs...
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