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  1. @Hime @Juji @LIME The boxes could come back. because many players are in need. Jewels are in high value have a lot of humble player. Mister GMs can place the boxes with the same names as the mobs when it appears in each region. example a varka box is born. the name box varka sileno footman another example box is born in alligator the name of the box in that region would be NOS LAND and so in all areas. bots would not be able to find the box. They will always /target the mob and I wouldn’t know if it was a box or mob. I do not know if it can be done more would help and many players
  2. Lv5 jewelry in 2021 was supposed to be common items. Compared to other EU, UK and KR servers. If they put the coins. I wouldn't be worried about the Greedy Treasure right now. They took away the Greedy harmed the way to earn adena in game. invite some friends to play here they gave up. With the super high values of the items. Many took advantage of bots and gained a lot of adena and went up faster and faster. What happened? They thought nothing of taking the greedy and hurt the rest of the players.
  3. totally wrong. So the need for the jewels is very high. And you still say you're selling at 3x the price. GMs have to put greedy treasure back with 1 hp and 1 XP. @Hime @Juji @LIME
  4. totally wrong. So the need for the jewels is very high. And you still say you're selling at 3x the price.
  5. I will speak again. Best way to end these boxes with bot, placing the items that drop Greedy treasure by selling hero coin. Example: Ruby LV 5 for 500 hero coin. Garnet LV 5 for 500 Hero coin. As long as the NC does not resolve this, the bot will continue. the lower the value of these lv5 jewels, the less bot on the server. Easy to configure, place a box in specific areas all in the same Clan or party and a box in the bot warning your programmer in PM. save my teleport to your monitored area. or join a party and use the box jumping skill. GMs is no use at this point to withdraw Greedy
  6. Very Toon (box) in places where greedy treasure appears. They are partying with 1 bot who alerts the player. I will not list you anymore to see the same ones on all maps in the game. I've seen players profiting 200 bi in 1 day. To end the bots. Sell the lv5 jewels for hero coin 500 hero costs 5 to 6 bi in the game. Place more jewelry events. Sell items in the l2store. I see players profiting a lot of adena in the game and selling for real money. spends $ 15 a month. and earns $ 5,000 in the month.
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