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  1. I'm not talking about the overall problem and neither is that guy.
  2. I got home a few hours after the server came back and there were still loads of chests in Aden. Even now there are still scrolls..
  3. Were there queues on Chronos prior to the exp event? Seems to me that the lack of a queue now is because the event ended rather than the removal of the chests. Especially since there's already 2 threads about DCs again..
  4. NCSoft Bot protection is working as intended. The bots are protected.
  5. L2C: https://discord.gg/EyYh3eY8bT 4r4m: https://discord.gg/XRXfeRf4
  6. Yes you have to fill in a page to get the book's bonus but you still get the artifact's bonuses without a complete section/page.
  7. Yes you get the bonuses of the equipped artifact even if your book is not complete. You can check this yourself in your passive skills.
  8. Only Hime and Juji know at this point but it'll be soon™. And if what the other regions got is an indication of what's coming, yes you will be able to change your main.
  9. I think what they're saying is, since the name of the winner isn't announced you just have to believe there was in fact a winner. AFAIK event jewels do not count towards brooch br.
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