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  1. I get that and I wish we had more high lvl zones similar to beleth or Instance zones like Coal or Storm. Ngl, in Storm I feel like a boss. I haven't seen anyone else do what I am able to do with my 3 man group in Storm around my level and gear range. I did 108 9%- 109 on both tyrr and feoh during the first week of the event despite the lag. I doubt I would be able to do that with any other tyrr/class. Also, my sub on dread is titan and I had to rely on my iss sub(dread with exalted spear) to carry me to 107 in a 6h coal session.
  2. Btw while we are at it, @iHyperlite Do you know what Provoke actually does? Is it extra dmg or what exactly is the debuff supposed to do?
  3. Dwarf I get it has the 30% true dmg proc but you gonna need very expensive gear to get to a point that you are better than dread. Why Titan though? Dread has Focus attack (+25% p attack & +10% p skill/p attack crit dmg) and Winged Spear +35% p attack(Same thing as frenzy) if you have the gear to play with skills so I don't see how titan is better. Plus you have You also have more AoE skills with dread that have high skill power co-efficience and a 2 sec cd or less 9 second stun. The main difference is that spear has less weapon p attack. But the amount of AoE dmg you do with D
  4. I am not really impressed with Evi as much as most ppl are. I think tyrr is a lot better overall, especially Dwarf tyrr and Dreadnought. If I was gonna main a single target toon I'd pick dagger over anything else hands down.
  5. I don't oppose p2w either even though my salary is not "stronk" enough for this game. I am just saying it's very hard to balance between being p2p and p2w/f2p model. I've seen what happend to other games that tried to balance that and they became a bottomless pit of normalized daily quest boredom. (Archeage) The issues this game has are not as severe as Archeage imo even though getting to "end game" is almost an impossible feat for the majority. I'll highlight the issues that I feel are in need of attention: PvE: 1) Very few 105-110 areas with almost zero being for groups, so
  6. Maybe when/if Lineage 2 remastered comes out. But if they decide to remove l2store, they 'll also have to remove most of the roflstomping items many people have stashed over the gears or just make them far more accessible. Never gonna happen though imo, the game is too far gone into p2w that you can't really turn it 180 degrees without pissing off either the haves or the havenots.
  7. Easier said than done sadly Been trying for 2 months to find even one person around my level range to progress together!! Maybe I've been unlucky but I either get ppl that are too geared and obviously don't need me or for the most part people that have no clue what to do yet unwilling to tweak things in order to be useful. I feel like I know what I am doing since I am hitting 109 in 3-4 days after playing for 2 and a half months running still mostly exalted gear but still too far behind for the ppl that are closer to my mindet. Keeping my hopes up for when I reach 110
  8. Played Summoner for almost 10 years up until 2012-13. It is the class closest to my heart that fully represents my playstyle which is mainly solo while trying to "break" the game within it's legitimate boundaries and occasions between grey areas. I always remember this class either being too weak or too strong. From the beging up until summoners got some nuker/debuffer skills they where weak in all aspects. Later on they became relevant in small scale and olympiad and they where pretty decent in pve. One particular period in early Goddess of Destruction when we had three panthers
  9. The first day of the event it wasn't that bad. With some vita pots + prestige + 200% 1 week rune I was saving for this type of event I managed to get 20% at 108 on 3 toons respctively. Now 4 days later it has become unplayable and progressively I am making less and less with more struggle and many deaths during afk grind because the ISS stops buffing or I get 5-10 sec lag spikes out of the blue. I can barely complete the solo daily dungeon with my melee, Storm gives me almost half the adena and IT is a nightmare taking me over 40min to complete. Even though I still made 55% at 108 in
  10. Yeah, I saw big difference as well than my usual earnings. In storm I get between 190-200kk/h, today I barely got 140kk. Feoh is bussiness as usual, dreadnought is hitting like it has Corona or something Ngl though, the game has many issues and lag is a bummer but boi am I happy with this event. Was really bummed that I started playing after the Last exp event and I wasn't expecting to see 110 for another three-four months. First day of the event and I already gotten +20% exp at 108 on my three accounts lmao. Mby I can make it to 110 by the end of the month
  11. Imo, NO, a big one also. You don't have to pay much but have to pay some. Impossible to play the game without prestige at least, it makes no sense whatsoever. You wont be able to pvp competively for a long time but I think you can still have some fun while slowly progressing and learning the game. Without prestige you wont be making any profit, exp will be a lot harder and you'll get stuck. Maybe if you are a genius or too lucky and can play the market like a WallStreetBet Redditor , sure. But what is the point. You play mmos to kill time or enjoy the proccess of progression,
  12. Afaik it displays the remaining cd timer on your log but it also feels like it skips the skill delay if that said skill is on cooldown so it makes the macro sequence progress faster instead of just standing there doing nothing. I might be wrong but I read it from another person as well and it seems to be working like that.
  13. It does help if you add /attack or attackstand after every skill you use on your macro, as well as adding "%c" at the end of every skill (/useskillstand Thunder Storm %c for example). Regardless, "melee" lag is there and it is probably related to server load. Every toon has lag but auto attackers are hit the hardest. Stop spreading misinformation about it. It's a real issue and it gets to unplayable levels during primetime.
  14. Are you sure that you get no negative effect aka dmg reduction? I am testing in Primeval/storm on a lvl 108 tyrr with exalted stormer tier 2 vs enhanced shadow stormer and the difference is astronomical.(up to 15-20%+ more dmg on high crits. Maximum dmg I saw on primeval was 42k with exalted vs 58k with ESW) In both cases my attribute is quite lower to what the table you posted suggests for a lvl 110 monster. (785 with exalted vs 995 with ESW) I doubt the difference is generated by the 10% extra p attack ESW gives.
  15. I believe NA region will soon get an update if not a complete overhaul on the l2store. If you follow the recent changes in EU server you'll see that they introduced a wide array of items that are otherwise very limited/rare directly through l2store. In general Core server had already many of those items available through events/boxes, including a higher availability in Dragon Weapons. But I reckon NCwest will be forced to follow that path as well sooner or later. For sure we'll be getting an updated version of basic gear(exalted) and other goodies which will greatly boost newbies
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