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  1. Best is duo for those levels. If you are lacking in gear your best bet is Tyrr dreadnought x2 and either iss hierophant or sws/sd. Other viable option is tyr dread + feoh and iss. Which is what I did and it qorked alright. Dreadnought to my understanding is the single most broken low end class in the game. You pull you cc and you deal AOE dmg. Cheap to make it work for auto attack build. DO NOT PLAY YUL IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT.
  2. Man I am so pissed that my theca +6 set is not still relevant!!! @JujiHow dare you implement updates???
  3. Dreadnought, I am in love with the class. You are going to exp like there is no tomorrow. Carried my whole 3man squad from 0 to 110 and duals 107/108 in 3 months of prestige with basic gear. I changed my wynn to feoh, the class is depressing to play atm
  4. If it's taking you 3 weeks for 40k mobs quest you should change your playstyle. This game is mostly about killing monsters. I reckon you are killing mobs 1 by 1 I doubt you only kill 80 mobs per hour. If that is true then you either attack mobs you shouldn't or you play without gear. With a fast killing group you can easily do 10-15k quest kills per day if not more. I don't know what class you are playing but you should consider forming a 3 man group of your own if u are having difficulty finding one, things will progress a lot, I mean A LOT, faster.
  5. Mini guide for lvl 1 to 110 in 3-4 months. (Minimum cost is 45 $/month) What I would do if I started now with my current knowledge would be: -Create x2 Tyrr Dreadnoughts or x1 tyrr dread & x1 feoh Stormscreamer (I would suggest making x2 tyrr dreads and will explain bellow why) -Create 1 Iss Hierophant or SwS/BD (With a Dreadnought subclass to carry your x2 DpS subclasses in Coal) -Level them as fast as possible to 105 and then level up their dual class to 105. -Do Coal mines every day till 105,99% and then do it on subclasses -Afk farm Beleth magic circle till 108 (In go
  6. Agreed, especially now that melee lag is being looked upon I reckon ISS can pull it's own weight with good to high gear. It's just their steroids have high CD. If they was an option for BR having a lot lower CD when ISS is not in a group would make it a lot easier to play one when you are forced to solo.
  7. This is ridiculous. bad info. It is true that if you decide to make a support class as main you need either a group of friends or your own DPS carry. However, hear not those naysayers, with just prestige I gotten my own iss Hierophant to 108lvl & 60% in less than 3 months with a DpS combo armed with mostly basic gear. The Dps is now 109 and 45% after 3 months of play time as well using prestige and a destiny pack for the event.
  8. That's why the "IF" big one as well
  9. I wouldn't touch talismans until way later into the game. With 38bil If I wanted to make an evi, I would get Shadow fists, scorpio 5, ring of creation, chef's monkey belt, any sigil, artifact lvl 2, venir 12, upgrade all the important skills to +10(basically SM lmao) and buy runestones for me and my VoP or PoM iss. Then save the rest for either r110+++++ fists or elmore cloak for the future. In an upcomming update we are gonna be getting an upgraded version of exalted gear and many peripherals which will make r99 gear obsolete unless you find a cheap bloody set +8 and above.
  10. I get that and I wish we had more high lvl zones similar to beleth or Instance zones like Coal or Storm. Ngl, in Storm I feel like a boss. I haven't seen anyone else do what I am able to do with my 3 man group in Storm around my level and gear range. I did 108 9%- 109 on both tyrr and feoh during the first week of the event despite the lag. I doubt I would be able to do that with any other tyrr/class. Also, my sub on dread is titan and I had to rely on my iss sub(dread with exalted spear) to carry me to 107 in a 6h coal session.
  11. Btw while we are at it, @iHyperlite Do you know what Provoke actually does? Is it extra dmg or what exactly is the debuff supposed to do?
  12. Dwarf I get it has the 30% true dmg proc but you gonna need very expensive gear to get to a point that you are better than dread. Why Titan though? Dread has Focus attack (+25% p attack & +10% p skill/p attack crit dmg) and Winged Spear +35% p attack(Same thing as frenzy) if you have the gear to play with skills so I don't see how titan is better. Plus you have You also have more AoE skills with dread that have high skill power co-efficience and a 2 sec cd or less 9 second stun. The main difference is that spear has less weapon p attack. But the amount of AoE dmg you do with D
  13. I am not really impressed with Evi as much as most ppl are. I think tyrr is a lot better overall, especially Dwarf tyrr and Dreadnought. If I was gonna main a single target toon I'd pick dagger over anything else hands down.
  14. I don't oppose p2w either even though my salary is not "stronk" enough for this game. I am just saying it's very hard to balance between being p2p and p2w/f2p model. I've seen what happend to other games that tried to balance that and they became a bottomless pit of normalized daily quest boredom. (Archeage) The issues this game has are not as severe as Archeage imo even though getting to "end game" is almost an impossible feat for the majority. I'll highlight the issues that I feel are in need of attention: PvE: 1) Very few 105-110 areas with almost zero being for groups, so
  15. Maybe when/if Lineage 2 remastered comes out. But if they decide to remove l2store, they 'll also have to remove most of the roflstomping items many people have stashed over the gears or just make them far more accessible. Never gonna happen though imo, the game is too far gone into p2w that you can't really turn it 180 degrees without pissing off either the haves or the havenots.
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