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  1. in korea, they put not that is impossible don't think here it'll be different :s
  2. This is the event they get in Europe this week, hope we get the luck and get it next week : )
  3. There is no pass for crisis I'm pretty sure the Back to school is passes promo with other stuff
  4. @Juji hello, there is a problem in your event description, the stage 3 give 2 cooler and not 1 it's same as in Europe. I'm 100% sur, cause I got a big watermelon and 2 cooler from it
  5. Microsft insider program isn't made for production ... You can test it but it's not recomanded to use on a production PC ... You gaming pc can be see as production pc ... That's why insider program get larger support than production version ... NCSoft do his best, I'm sure, but they can't support OS that can change from now to when it goes to official version ...
  6. My all the time fav : Prophet but as it don't exist anymore,Feoh Archmage cause nobody play it Mariee from Naia
  7. Guys, what should we do with compensation if server still not fixed ... I hope @Hime@Juji you and the team could fix servers. It's not easy task especialy when we (player) have to feeling it goes worse and worse
  8. 1) Belgium 2 ) no vpn 3 ) on compound but not every time, take time to give you result, don't start when you press start 4 ) faeron village , and a bit more often when you are at Aden for exemple. Tested yesterday durring dientional siege on Naia
  9. 1) Belgium 2 ) no vpn 3 ) on compound but not every time when you get don't i take a moment to start the new one. 4 ) faeron village , but don't think it's related
  10. Annonced later ... not means imediatly or when you want ... but when they can communicate with us. Go play or autohunt running
  11. Hello, I had to press a lot of time to get reward from Clan Quest, on 2 chars
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