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  1. I Wonder If all those People Defending Current rates are botting RMT people. I mean ... Me and My Clan are all VIP 3 and without continuously farming the Spider Simulator 2018 we can't really Afford Anything. I mean the Server is hardcore ... but come on. To buy a top NG you gotta run and kill spiders quite some times. And killing a 40 mob train yields 1 thread? If we only go Farming, we CANNOT afford shots, let alone ANY type of gear upgrade. Most of us are around lvl 28 now and the only full drops we got are 1 low D shield and one mid NG staff. We are talking 15 active people here, not two.
  2. Pretty much depends whats the route your provider pays for. I'm also playing from Bulgaria and ping is about 150 constant. I'll try without VPN to see how it goes first.
  3. Kato cqlo Da- Shte pravim BG clan. Nie sme okolo 15 dushi, stari igrachi. Nikoi ot nas ne e igral Classic ta da vidim kak shte se poluchi. Kato cqlo golqma chast ot nas shte sa main supporti. I se koncentrirame na Fighter/archer CP Dovechera malko sled launcha shte sharena discorda tuk. Prosto iskam da se razberem starite igrachi purvo i posle da durpame koito iska. Obshto vzeto shte igraem za fun Koito iska da joinne shte joinne. Shte se borim za vuzmojno nai burzo Lv5 i vyv posledstvie vsichko vuzmojno da vzemem perma clan hall.
  4. Hello There guys, Apologies this might have been asked before but the forum is just crazy... So me being an archaic destro main and fanboy I was really hoping to continue my tradition here. Nevertheless Upon reading up on multiple forums and them European Wikis It seems the destro got a bit castrated lets say on classic? Can you run 40-50 mob trains with WC/BD setup here as in the old Chronicles? Any feedback appreciated. P.S. I miss so much the Old FoG whole floor 100 mobs trains P.S. 2 Never played Classic Before so popping the cherry here. Me and my mate
  5. I presume you were running the tests on Naia or Chronos? Any chance to share IP's? I wanna run some "-t"s from here to check.
  6. Who the hell is stupid enough to buy an Alienware PC ... this guy is clearly pulling one on us
  7. Both Servers in the US. I believe Texas. (Why don't people read other threads)
  8. Ogre all the way. (Dude, did you ever play the game at all)
  9. Talk for yourself. I'm broke as hell (Will be banging full Lv4 though, If the server is good they deserve it)
  10. Well ... We will be about 15 Bulgarians on the giran one. Surely hope we don't go under the "Russian" Tag also being ex soviet and shit ...
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