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  1. Chars disconnected

    The game is touchy when it comes ti your internet connection. Just a hiccup will get you DC. Stupid question. Are you running your characters on a laptop with energy saving enable?
  2. Oh man I would love an official answer. Kinda of a grey area ?
  3. The game its more than a decade old. I can see you just started the game and understandably you think in possible improvements There is an auction system already in place in the client but only the live version (GoD version) has it working In our server even if they do enable it (which they won't) it's not going to help. Auction does require players to pay for posting fees and we all broke at the moment You all complaining and posting need to understand we are going though the hype and many people will start to quit or play less thus reducing the queues It only cost $5 to be VIP and it will last up to 5 months. Ya ya they said free to play. Well guess what? Most prestigious companies have loyalty programs that offer perks to their loyal customers. In the case of L2 VIP get to log in first ... BTW the server does kick inactive players thus why some players do leave their characters hitting a NPC. private stores and fish are the exception of this rule. You wanna get them out? Have a sorcerer cast blazing skin on the NPC and problem solved. Buff the characters with might so they die quicker ... IDK if we have sorcs yet
  4. Queue still exist?

    People who paid them so far are having little issues logging in. $5 i think
  5. Did you play first days of God of destruction update? If the answer is NO I get why of this post ...
  6. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    opening so many servers instead of fixing problems with current servers is so asinine.. People will cry no matter what they do... maybe consider increasing each server to 7-8k, Sounds good but I don't know the inner workings of the company so who knows a limiting boxes to either 1 or 2 client per PC, Yeah people really gotta understand this is stupid, impractical, and a @$%* to enforce. VPN, Virtual Machine, Multiple PCs ( this game can run in PCs from the dual core era (Not I3 or I5 just dual core...) getting rid of fishing, actually banning bots, adena sellers (I'm still receiving adena spam message from same person since LAUNCH of game, you don't ban someone spamming adena messages for 2 weeks+.........?) Block them. Farmers won't go away. This is a common MMO issue...
  7. It's called VPN. Now for the without any Russian player ... my god ....that's just wrong ?
  8. Forums infested with this stuff about no boxing because queue Obviously people calling for this are new in the game or never were competitive ... In sieges supports are the heart of the siege. I be damn if I have to box support or any other account. Yeah here and there you have a few box buffers somewhere for the stragglers but my god I love a live prophet in pvp. Any class live in pvp it's awesome People will keep crying about boxing because of queue but this issue will resolve itself as people quit. Like a gym in January ...
  9. DA Panther summoning

    it is. I played skelth server and I can confirm it.
  10. Please read this only VIP members

    3 accounts Vip 3,2, and 1. No queue when I log in. You can't just buy Nc Coin and be VIP so you need to log into the game ( I know right ) and spend at least 80 coins @ the in game store.

    Sweet. I will do that when i get back home

    Human knight Lv 27 (going DA) D armor and crappy weapon looking for clan
  13. 1 you just throw 60% out of nowhere didn't ya 2 I agree with you but it wont happen 3 Ok 4 Well I do agree but you know it kinda sucks just go let's ban a whole demographic. Back in the day was Chinese farmers
  14. 1. I have several PCs and like me there are many others ... so ya there is that 2 AFK stores and fishing are a core part of the game now .... so ya there is that 3 No. If they have been in the business several years .....so ya there is that 4 I guess? Never like the whole lets ban a whole nation but I get it with the RMT stuff We grown to be a society of entitlement. We all know that this is just the hype. Server population will normalize @ some point. Heck this is like a GYM in January... so ya there is that
  15. Inconsistencies in PVP

    What NBX said but also shield stun is a very powerful skill. You could just go around stunning somebody and let the mob kill the person for example. Ya you can do the same with the dorf or orc but they stun % is not as good as shield stun
  16. Novice items

    Not that I am aware of I have a level 27 human knight using the novice dark elf sword Level 25 cleric using the Orc butcher sword and the Elf 2 handed sword (don't know why TBH) Level 21 Palus knight using the human novice sword All 3 are different accounts
  17. 1 computer = 1 account

    That won't help I own 5 computers capable of running the game so that easily will give me 5 boxes. I triple box for reasons people listed above and yes i got at least VIP 1 in all the accounts Cant remember Lineage 2 punishing you for boxing and I play since C3 .. or C2?
  18. Daily Coin

    The high priest (the middle guy at churches :p) has the options to trade coins. You get mainly mats but also you can upgrade your clan bracelet to give you stats. The game may refer to them as clan coins ? or daily Coins? can't recall and can't log in to check haha
  19. skill stun

    OK? Stun does last 7 sec if you leave the mob/player alone. Every time you hit the mob/player there is a chance that the stun effect will break. This is a balance feature. STUN TO DEATH OMFG BLABLABLA. Back in the day the way around not breaking a stun was by using skills instead of regular swings. I am +90% sure that's still the case today