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  1. Dyes: Leave it stock. MEN you can't modify it your class won't allow it (as far as I remember). We used to go +4STR +4DEX - CON but this is not the same game as before. Some people go WIT for fear casting speed Equip: Best you can afford. Skills: Depends if you going for. Party or solo. If solo: Hamstring, Horror, Stun, Self buffs, Shield strike (it actually does good damage). Life Scavenge probably bottom of the list if you learn it at all. DOTs are big in this version so Corpse plague it's actually very useful If party: I don't party that much so iono Pv
  2. TOI gives high XP but no drops https://l2wiki.com/classic/Tower_of_Insolence It has been the case for other classic versions and most versions already follow a blueprint per say. It's doubtful they will change anything regarding TOI
  3. If it follows other L2 classic versions yes they will When I stopped playing skelth we had them but just the lvl 50sh 60sh plus like patriots and catacomb of the witch No seven signs no ancient adena. The place was just an EXP spot. Major difference between cata and necro were that 1 gave good adena and the other good EXP I saw skelth page the other day and a banner of seven signs but I don't know what was that about I didn't research it further I think castles sieges should be before catas/necros
  4. I did it for a long time back in the day and nothing happened. I was sub class warlock so I left queen cat dancing. It drain all mp but regen was good enough so when the time came the cat had mp to dance. After my party was done grinding the PR me out of there. Nothing happened but then again back then we had L2 walker and Superman going around and almost nobody got banned for using them I guess the question is if you want to take the risk ...
  5. It happens from time to time Log in again and you should get the message "account already in use" Log in once more and you should be fine .....or...... a...... ban.... That's also how a ban looks like but lets hope it's just the log in 2x thing
  6. it works. it stacks if more than 1 player are using it on the same target
  7. 3 accounts PER PC. 2 PCS 6 accounts 3 PCS a full party yay
  8. 80% of the characters YOU FOUND its a little different than saying the POPULATION. Still those numbers are out of a butt... I don't answer to people most of the time when they run pass and I do 3 or 4 box. I get the OH YOU GOT 4 ACCOUNTS YOU BOT !!! or WHY YOU ARE NOT ANSWERING Yeah bot is a problem. and yeah unless you got actual DATA and not I SAW THEM AROUND these % people just say are just BS
  9. Seriously where do people get all these numbers ? 80%? I mean ya i seen bots here and there but nothing as described. Maybe at higher or lower levels ?
  10. I grind to 40 and I did not have enough sp to do much. I did the quest as you mention but kept the scrolls. I am 44 now i used some scrolls I died a few times got crappy % rez or no % at all. I do believe we have a SP problem.... Or I need to die a lot more .... cuz scrolls not a big deal
  11. Usually a staff on the same tier as a 1 handed weapon has a better m atk modifier. Like the post above it's really about preference Hit hard ? Have a shield to tank some damage ? Sword (mage)/Board looks cool as hell ?
  12. Where did you get 90% from? Does it rhyme with grass?
  13. pics or didn't happen... oh S#!t XDXDXD
  14. Well for anybody who will try to help you it will be difficult due the fact you are not stating how are you connected or what devices or device are you using I do experience this and I live in California. However, The PC with a hardwired connection does not experience this while the WiFi PC does. After I switched them to hardwired the problem went away.. Hope this helps
  15. Catas and Necros are somewhat in classic. We just haven't catch up yet Patriot necro, cata of the witch, CoFP, Cant remember the other necro I don't think there is Seven signs on classic so no ancient adena stuff. I don't know if from last year the did implemented in KR or EU you will have to do your research All those places I mentioned were mid grade and up. 50sh 60sh cant remember
  16. Seriously... What's next ? GM holding their hands so the evil permared won't get them ? Yesterday for example. I did /findprivatestore "insert item here" and I saw grey out SS for cheaper than market value. I went ALL OVER IT. It was a WTB not WTS Yes I did sell my SS. Who fault was it for not reading/paying attention ? THE GMs of course !!! ... (I was the d...a....)
  17. Greco


    This is gonna be difficult for you to read but this is the event classics get. EU classic got it last year for example. The events for this game were already created and will be set according to schedule Our queue issues are bad and yes event adds to it. However, The event is running as plan by the company ^^ sorry
  18. Probably. I just don't remember reading the reason so didn't want to spread bs
  19. I get you want an "official" answer but dono if you will get one For what I learned from Skelth (EU Classic server) is that pets like the wolf caused a lot of server lag (known issue for them) You can tell me how come the summoner classes manage then? well that's an excellent question and I got no idea TL:DR server lags
  20. You got a valid question. Hard to say why you were told you were crying Now this is not a outdated balance. Ok it is cuz the game it's super old but... This change was implemented if my memory does not fail me back when S grade was the new stuff. I'm sure they have their reasons to keep this feature/nerf. NCwest does not have any control over balancing I am pretty sure wind strike is as useless as a screen door in a submarine after 30+
  21. Care to elaborate??? I am going to assume that this is a regular situation for you and the same PC disconnects all the time. Is the PC a laptop? If so make sure to turn off power saving options Is the PC that disconnects on WiFi and the other PC is not ? If the PC that disconnects is on WiFi you many wanna check the signal and if there are things that may interfere with the signal. IE a microwave between the PC and the modem Log both chars in the same PC that doesn't DC while you find the issue ?
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