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  1. Banned Accounts?

    same happened for my friend got ban on recharget box for nothing good thing was 27 lvl just , he just created new char. you wont get unbanned , they are like robots they dont care to find out whats wrong. this is the reason i made fresh install of win10 on my pc you never know which program from pc they see as 3rd party program. btw what lvl your banned char?
  2. Anyone else get banned for no reason?

    that happened extacly the same for my friend who is playing l2 first time 😁 and the worst thing they bann you not telling anything just 3rd software program . Its good that it was jus 27 lvl char box so he is again leveling up new same char if again happens like this he will quit for sure .
  3. its nice to get ban for nothing ? , thats how they treat new people enjoy
  4. Just a suggestion make rewards for bot reporting , because it takes time to report all the bots. Just reported like 25 bots to support with all evidence. Would be nice to get xp sp scrolls or something similar , everybody will start to report bots much more efficient if we get reward.
  5. insulting people

    well i was from the start with so , and we talked right from the begining
  6. insulting people

    look at the screenshoots and tell me again that we were not talking
  7. insulting people

    You just admited that you reported for ks mobs , good job.
  8. insulting people

    tell me what does it mean to be called fa g? dont see any insult here , my screen speaks of its self , also you should get banned all for using botreport button on us.
  9. insulting people

    Hello i dont know if its a right place , but people insulting others should be punished . Expecialy if its about nationality. [content moderated] Also he stated that if ww3 comes he hopes that Lithuania will be demolished but Russians. [content moderated] They also used bottreport button on us.
  10. was fun to take a part in event , will be on the next one also!
  11. i would like to participate but cant find your discord server then i type discord.gg/ka3DkG
  12. People leaving aden server???

    Answers to crybabys: disappointment no.1 Its your choice to start from zero , its new server and everybody will want to play and reach something on it , suck it up with quee or go to another few years old classic and wont have this problem or wait 2 or 3 months then everything settles and no more waiting time to log in simple as that. disappointment no.2 For me markets are progressing as they should do , just making adena every day in market and i am fine with that. Pt speaking people also want to play whats wrong with that? disappointment no.3 Again cry baby because of event "someone told to someone that got something from event" and i feel very bad about that event because everybody around me running with top d weapons from event and i dont. Yeah right kido , i could say that its normal to be jealous if you are a kid but if you are grown man i feell sorry for you. From my prospective everyday played with event buff and didint got anything except candys and i am FINE with that because its LUCK. Its not weird about elven bot shafft because its mid d grade weapon poeple better go with gastra or longbow. disappointment no.4 In my 1 month and half experience i can say i have met A LOT OF PEOPLE good and bad, enemy and friends i have around 35pvp points with just 31 lvl char and all these fights was with real players and i am not a guy who is looking for a fight. disappointment no.5 Your conclusion is not based on facts but based from THE AIR COMPLETELY. I enjoy making adena in markets , leveling up , and meeting new people , as you can see from my low lvl i am not in a rush because i play casual , ofcourse have 2boxes with me also. Too many people crying about this game , just leave if its too hard for you and find easyer game thats it. Also from my memories from C1 i always run from town to town and used scroll of escape to make shortcuts because GK was too expensive dont understand why people complain on GK price here.
  13. I would participate also but the time is bad