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  1. Hi, as all the people of L2 community this game is my prefered game, and I understand that this game is in his last living period, I have an offer for the game developers. No MMORPG game (I already checked) have this, it is a new way of marketing and selling which doesnt make much headackes for developers as usually a MMORPG game has and doesnt affect to the game balance and wont make the game P2W. the thing is I found this, I thought that it already exists, I checked and nobody has it.. so L2 or NCsoft would be the first who might have it. this is revolutionary idea. U
  2. Yes it is dead game, but it has name and fans, and they only need some innovation and creative thinkers. . As any bussines which come to his died time, you can take innovate and change, so it will work again, the game can be the same.. sadly they wont do that
  3. I amnew here, and also dislike this.. if someone want to fight bots, just kick them from the game.. i already saw many summoner bots bothering me while playing or doing quest.. it is so annoying.. and irritates me... so i just start killing them all..))) better have 300 online than 2000 bots
  4. I just hope that one day there will come a day of Lineage 3 without autoplay system.. with improved crafting system, create an improved hunting system, (RDR2 similar) economy trade system between clans, kingdooms, regions (including use of transport, timings), each reagion each goods stop the inmediate teleports, ( so we go back to the old type, walking running in the party, or in some animal transport to hunting areas or quest areas, new way of skill learning, so have to work hard to get each skill.. inside game editor system sea/sky battles impro
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