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  1. Wait.. what ? Removing game content didn't work for you guys ? BUT... But 4-5 game programmers said mentee toons and greedy chest camera's is the problem here.. What happened now ? You managed to make x3 prices on AH and will never have any access in items like Radiant circlets / Shirts etc if you dont pay x2 money GOOD JOB IGNORANTS But most ignorant here is the admin who suggest these things because a bunch of useless apes who cant play basic game requested
  2. 2 Accounts per IP Really ? XD And who told you that people follow the 3 per IP rule ? 50% of server using 3rd party to bypass 3box limit, you pretend u already dont know it ?
  3. People have no clue of what they say.. How does ranking system has to do anything with lag skill latency ? Greedy chests ? Wasnt melee lag way before chests were even introduced ? Mongoloids in this game dont even know the fuk is going wrong. They just want to say a random crap and stick with it foreever
  4. Unplayable, skills lag a lot.. Way too much delay P.S I never had problems before, no matter what people were saying i was good.. BUT TODAY IT SUCKS
  5. I never had that much skill delay or latency in this game... and yesterday was normal like every other day to me But this morning, i realise why everyone is crying.. ITS FKING UNPLAYABLE My archer cast 1skill every 5seconds what kind of crap is this ?
  6. For your info.. RMT exist in every single game if you know where to look for.. You think a shitty game with a shitty company will make it forbidden ? Get back to real world and play like everyone is doing..
  7. 03:33 AM here too.. still waiting 03:33 AM here too.. still waiting
  8. It is annoying, First you start server 2h earlier than normal without any information. Then you shut it down for extra 4hours.. Nice logic guys well done ! Next time keep it down until everything is ready 150%
  9. Imagine the stupid ****** who ask for adena nerf because cloak prices are "High" He is in giran with afk shop selling a +15cloak for 400b I think the one high here is you, stop drugs
  10. He obviously doesnt have any dyes.. a lvl 5 legendary with +5STR and +5DEX x3 would give you 15 STR and 15DEX Not to mention about shirt going +5 and emerald to greater / venir 18 etc
  11. 1st game i see in 18years that sells boxes and has no info about it,no rates at all. We should know what we pay for..and even like that u would also change it because u are scammers so yes i hope u spend all ur money in bad things
  12. Please.. Its 05:17 AM here.. For bleeping sake either reboot your server or tell us we can go to sleep and keep "Monitoring" for the next 10hours.. SHOW MERCY.. Stupidity has limits..
  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd here we go again.....
  14. x9 or x10 i lost count.. within 1hour GG
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