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  1. Greetings Cathalix, Please check the event news article for details: https://www.lineage2.com/news/orianas-lucky-draw-september
  2. This is concerning

    Greetings everybody, Unfortunately, this discussion is lacking the actual constructive content we are looking for and is turning into forum PVP instead, so we are closing it now.
  3. Exalted quest 1 BUG ?

    Greetings GeorgianDogaru, We already have an existing thread on this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19365-coal-mine/ You may also want to submit a ticket with your findings to our Support team to assist in reproducing this bug. The can submit a ticket via the Support tab above. Thank you!
  4. BOT DDOSing server

    Greetings everybody, This is a quick reminder that the forums are not the right place for reports like this Please submit them to our Support team via ticket for a proper investigation. the thread has been cleaned up accordingly. Thank you!
  5. VMware not working, is this deliberate by NCSoft?

    Greetings everybody, Since this thread is now solely being used to promote 3rd party programs with no relation to the Lineage 2 title, which is a violation of our Code of Conduct, and the initial question in this topic has already been addressed by us: this thread is now being closed, after cleaning it up accordingly.
  6. Clan Level 3

    Greetings Saphron, Please feel free to contact our Support team to have a closer look at this. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  7. DISCONNECT 30.8.2020

    Greetings everybody, Our team is currently monitoring this situation. Thank you!
  8. Launcher DOWN. Emails NOT WORKING

    Greetings everybody, Our team is currently monitoring this situation. Thank you!
  9. Zaken Epic raid boss still resetable.

    Greetings Hammerforge, This is actually working as intended. Thank you!
  10. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Thank you gust33 for reminding everybody of the Code of Conduct. The post in question has been edited accordingly.
  11. Abuse in SoS

    Greetings everybody, Since we are still getting many posts calling out individuals directly, we are now closing this thread down. Thank you to the ones who stayed on topic without naming other members of the community!
  12. Abuse in SoS

    Greetings everybody, We have cleaned this thread up a bit and removed names. Please remember that reports about possible inappropriate behavior by other players need to be submitted via ticket to our Support team. Posting those on the forums is against our Code of Conduct. When you do submit a report via ticket, please include any evidence you have such as screenshots and video to support your claim, so the Support team can investigate. Please refrain from mentioning any more names in this thread from this point forward. Thank you!
  13. Castle functions not working

    Greetings everybody, We apologize for the delay in response. This is an open issue with the Dev team and we are looking into this.
  14. Website block

    Greetings Lyght, Unfortunately, the forum staff is unable to look into your specific account issues. Only the Support is able to do so. Please reach out to them again at appeal@ncsoft.com for assistance to get this sorted out.
  15. Can Scamming become harrassment?

    Greetings everybody, Slycutter, please be so kind and send the screenshots and any other material you have on this player's behavior via ticket to our Support team. They can take a closer look and investigate. This holds true for any incident where you feel somebody is acting inappropriately. The Support team is the right address for these reports, as they have the means to investigate. The forum staff does not have access to that information. Thank you!