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  1. Greetings everybody, We have removed the names from the first post. Please note that if you would like to report any players for their behavior, this needs to be done via ticket to our Support team. You can reach them by clicking the Support tab above. Thank you!
  2. Greetings AngryUser, Please refer to this thread regarding this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19327-known-issues-tales-untold-1142020-live/
  3. Greetings everybody, We have cleaned this thread up a bit. Please keep your posts civil and constructive from this point forward, refraining from personal attacks and calling each other out.
  4. Greetings everybody, Based on the thread creator's comments above, this discussion has come to an end.
  5. Greetings BAION, This is part of today's maintenance changes: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19854-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-7-2020/?tab=comments#comment-134156
  6. Greetings Kaveru888, Please feel free to submit your video to our Support team for investigation. You can do so by clicking the Support tab above and send in a ticket. Posting this information on the forums is considered a violation of our Code of Conduct and the forum staff has no means to look into these reports for you, only Support does. Thank you!
  7. Greetings everybody, Please remember that you can always submit a ticket to our Support team with as much evidence as possible if you have a suspicion about other players' game play. Support can then investigate the matter. The forums are only for general discussions in that regard and singling certain players out would be considered a violation of our Code of Conduct. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above. Thank you!
  8. Greetings Cathalix, Please check the event news article for details: https://www.lineage2.com/news/orianas-lucky-draw-september
  9. Greetings everybody, Unfortunately, this discussion is lacking the actual constructive content we are looking for and is turning into forum PVP instead, so we are closing it now.
  10. Greetings GeorgianDogaru, We already have an existing thread on this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19365-coal-mine/ You may also want to submit a ticket with your findings to our Support team to assist in reproducing this bug. The can submit a ticket via the Support tab above. Thank you!
  11. Greetings everybody, This is a quick reminder that the forums are not the right place for reports like this Please submit them to our Support team via ticket for a proper investigation. the thread has been cleaned up accordingly. Thank you!
  12. Greetings everybody, Since this thread is now solely being used to promote 3rd party programs with no relation to the Lineage 2 title, which is a violation of our Code of Conduct, and the initial question in this topic has already been addressed by us: this thread is now being closed, after cleaning it up accordingly.
  13. Greetings Saphron, Please feel free to contact our Support team to have a closer look at this. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  14. Greetings everybody, Our team is currently monitoring this situation. Thank you!
  15. Greetings everybody, Our team is currently monitoring this situation. Thank you!
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