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  1. What a lie, becase the server just wuent OFF!!!
  2. Class favorite: Yull Ghost Sentinel (insane skill's) Server: Chronos Nick Name: SrtMarques
  3. Because that's how gambling works! You think you're going break the bank but you're screwed
  4. Is it serios that in fields of 113+ it will drop R99 "beginners" items!? Have you from support and development already been in these areas full people from R99 and managed to get a chance to stay there!?
  5. How many times a week is emergency maintenance required!? Is it an intern you are doing?
  6. @Juji @Hime Will it ever be possible to play with a good stability in the game after a maintenance!?
  7. Alto next target, i've Heard? Macro skill!?
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