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  1. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine How many more hours will it take to get back to the server?
  2. I honestly don't know what the NC team's intentions are, as after this catastrophic update, 90% of their players are clearly dissatisfied and they aren't even giving feedback on their posts. After the update I added something like 500b in items (ncoin) to my toon and my damage and cultivate income decreased by around 30, 40%. I see a 110 character with less gear than me doing the equivalent of mine. I don't see myself in this game for a long time if this isn't fixed!
  3. Did anyone manage to get the reward?
  4. Why naia hasn't suffered from lag's in the last few weeks!
  5. and no positioning also for nerf in adena!
  6. No news about Yull's nerf? interesting! You are not caring about anything! No clarification has been given and they are just ignoring the posts and their play! Thanks! @Juji @Hime @Luz do sol
  7. What a lie, becase the server just wuent OFF!!!
  8. Class favorite: Yull Ghost Sentinel (insane skill's) Server: Chronos Nick Name: SrtMarques
  9. Because that's how gambling works! You think you're going break the bank but you're screwed
  10. Is it serios that in fields of 113+ it will drop R99 "beginners" items!? Have you from support and development already been in these areas full people from R99 and managed to get a chance to stay there!?
  11. How many times a week is emergency maintenance required!? Is it an intern you are doing?
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