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  1. Then stand their and wait in till I stand up to pk me more wow
  2. I go though a area and get pked by another player and they can tell you to leave? And if i dont they will keep pking me? Wow all in white chat?
  3. Its not fair when i buy this stuff and it is mine on my account.
  4. Wanted to see if these items can be put on character on the same account? wing of splendor lv. 3 pve Sayha’s Talismans Hello,After reviewing your request, we have verified that the items in question are not eligible for transfer. You may check the full details of the Token-based Restoration Policy here: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any other questions.Regards, GM Louise NCSOFT Support Team
  5. For one you never went though the whole chat so yeah lol
  6. I have been sending tickets in too ncsoft for 9days now lol. They will not help me at all. 9days and 2pages of tickets and the ticket that i started. I will keep sending them tickets in till they help me lol. This is fun its like a game see how tickets i can send to them lol
  7. Other funny thing is everyone talks so bad about lineage 2 but they still play the evets lol and give ncsfot more money.
  8. Lol ncsoft scared everyone is quitting game lol . Where is their cash flow going to come from now?
  9. Its not that it is standing up for yourself with ncsoft and getting away with everything.
  10. For one I would have not wasted my adena on bow if I known the changes. But where dose this say that everything was changed? another thing we as players have let ncsoft get away with a lot and none of the players stand up for them selves and guess what i am
  11. This is getting out of hand that ncsfot wont answer me about my ticket. Going on 3 days and they keep maker my ticket as solved witch it is not lol. Ncsfot do your job
  12. Their system messed up my weapon and all i want them to do in fix it. It would not even cost anything to them but it cost money too me. Ncoin witch is real life money and i did not go in the middle of game playing and change anything in their system.
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