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  1. I hardly ever see naked ertheia girls running around these days. It's depressing!
  2. After the first maintenance I bought a infinite orichalcum quiver, and now I just checked my character and it's gone. Is that because of the roll back?
  3. Yep more valuable than a stage 3 dragon weapon! @Juji When will you put victoria secret in the L2 store, so I can dress up my ertheia girl the right way?
  4. Let's be serious for a moment. When will we get Ertheia girls gone wild event??
  5. What does stackable mean in this case?
  6. In the patch notes it says: Item Changes Expanded the combination stage for Soul Crystals (Kain/Mermoden/Leona/Pantheon/Lionel) from the original stage 7 to stage 10. Higher stage Soul Crystals have a random chance of being obtained by combining Soul Crystals of the same stage. Changed the Soul Crystal to a stackable item.
  7. Can you have death + death on a weapon?
  8. That's actually a fantastic idea! Now we just need sexy lingerie in the L2 store
  9. I like the Ertheia girls! I can watch them run around naked all day! =D
  10. Thank you for fixing the missing Mysterious Talismans! I have noticed that the server time doesn't follow the daylight savings.
  11. Oriana doesn't offer Mysterious Talisman - Atk. Attribute (7-day) or Mysterious Talisman - Attribute Def. (7-day) on the Naia server.
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