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  1. Loot boxes is bad..according to the player feedback.... players said..unless lineage 3 is opened...or they not gonna came back..thanks to lineage2
  2. already did....20000 ncoins gone for nothing..because of that.. i got elmore cloak +2..thanks to ncsoft. By the way, i heard rich people gone from this server..thanks to ncsoft for their downgrading events..you see less or more less of people online already..is not about items. is all about problems giving from ncsoft failed to make more attractions.. If what i said not right? Why dont you clicked into party windows and see how many party search people? and how many dailies 105 or dailies 110 people? nearly none..before that..24 hours is full of people..now? check w
  3. it wont solve my problems..like u mentioned..those boxes are not getting me profit of adena back from crisis or dailies..that is the main issue..i dont have enough adena for bloody weapon or cloak +15..it is too much for me...as an asians...my AP is adjusted with best AP , as my clannies told ..la vie brooch event has not yet to come..and jewels are bloody expensive..how am i suppose to buy those things that i cant even afford ..currently covid-19 stay at home with jobless..? i collected most of the parts need to go lv 2 la vie brooch d..shining gemstone fragment is hard to be found because p
  4. Well , what i wish to say is..i spent a lot lot more money on ncoins and buying my stuffs and my gear..i can barely survive and grinding.. I have seen most people are still agree with this kinds of drops and the hardway of this game . Well ask yourself , what you wish to find inside this game? happiness or sadness? after you spent so much money to bought ncoins and you found that opening boxes, drops does not satified you as a player? Good geared decides everything? I invested more than 3K USD..but still it gives so shit... C'mon, this is Covid-19 , every country hurts and we forced
  5. enchanting is not a good ideas...i dont have enough LUC...so far i am lv 110 i am solo in alligator island accordingly to my current gear
  6. i didnt buy prestige..wasted if buy prestige pack...i buy destiny pack only
  7. The truth about this server is, we invest but we dont have lolipop to satisfy us...if you doing it really hard way, nobody will come back to entertaining this kind of game 1% or 0.00001% is super shit
  8. I Believed most players are having same problems as me, whom invest so much Ncoins but at the end , Everythings go fail, i believe NCSoft are doing their worst to lost Art of Attraction to all Nc players. First of all, I would like to speak out my problems, I am othell lv 110 Fields of crisis>> out of 30 boxes...no good drops and good drops only comes once per two months , everyday i hit Primeval isle > 4 scrolls , after 3 days of empty handed , no crystal of dawn drop , enchance rates are super suck , so i cant even think of enchancting my gears.. Stor
  9. CP recruitment List, I am othell lv110 , geared , LF CP for dailies 105 , if possible 112+ instances help... Active 24/7 , with prestige, currently inside clan Stronghold, will move to main clan RED WINE once all CP members assemble. I am looking for motivated team, who wish to be heroes someday or Top players somedays. Inside my CP , hopefully we can help each other like trading or assisting each player including on items. Any submitment of CP please do contact add my discord > SibuLeoDoG#4977 Who comes who first. I am looking for : Feoh lv 110+
  10. Most importantly , We shouldnt get debuff -30% defense and map exploit so details, Normally What other games does is, they only explore pk location by telling in world chat but not marking the map, is very rude for pk and very hardly for pk to survive? And we pk is not for abusing the player, but some player just get too cocky of themselves for ksing the spot and no manners, what to do? only choices pk .
  11. you can kill anyone , anytime , but i dont think you have enough adenas to buy pk scrolls. maybe you are rich, but i hope that is not harrasment. As ncsoft terms mentioned, pk for spots , adena is consider harrasment.. I hope gm can let us submit harrasment tiket so people would have more manners inside game. i hope this game would be good community to stay.
  12. With New PVP or Pk system, players can pk anywhere , anytime they like. Just need to spend money for Pk scrolls, and pk scrolls will be good selling . you go survey other games, no games will deduct p.def 30% for those who pk but only Lineage2 . I also dont know why the producer doing this . And i saw in other games, pk are expose to map but didnt expose exact location . That's why i am so frustrated and sad.... i really hope this game could be better. As for non pvp or pk areas, i saw in storm , no manners people everywhere. So far still dont know how to solve it. people come and ks an
  13. Ncsoft is a big company, they will do the rest, we just give suggestions only. i think is reasonable, and i dont think giving pvp or pk is not a bad ideas. i think it should be better and fair to all players. While by enchancing this , we can learn to respect each other in game but not trying to pick a fight any time. People should learn how to respect each other. Just because our pk or pvp system is not really good right now , that's why criminals or no manners people a lot, so i can see, we need to change. I think it is very good ideas. for 100% pvp and pK experiences. that's wh
  14. Why cannot afk? i pay for rental and i dont deserver afk? i pay for my electric bills, internet bills , i dont deserver afk? hopefully people can fix their manner , just on Fully pvp or pk, is good btw...i dont like repeat the same thing...and i am not trying to pick a fight, just suggestions. you may ignore what i said.. well, -30% for those ppl who pk, is not fair at all...i felt bad of myself , when i trying to defend myself by pk or pvp and i get 30% of defense reductions and i was fully armor +10 get killed by free exalted +0 armor, i am so sad, why ?
  15. I watched in cam, even toon farm there peacefully and some people just go killed the entire party just because their jeaously to them while they get the spots. Well, since they all like to pk people, Why dont make this game fair for PK or PVP ? Why not giving full PK or PVP?
  16. Why dont u go and research how other MMOPG games? All PVP or PK does not deduct 30% def or speed for people who pk, only this Lineage2 did this, i dont know why. The Server only telling the Pk location but does not exactly 100% mention in map just like GPS. We are throwing bunch of USD inside this game, we should get 100% PVP or PK .. The most i let u pk 10 times or 20 times. u already get bored and i can ressurect using my iss 100% exp back anytime. PK or pvp already become Best culture in Lineage2 just not yet fully open. You go and see blazing swamp, Phantasmal, enchanted valley, var
  17. PK is not a bot , every human has their own limit, as long as not explored to the map, they will pk or pvp reach to their limit. I suggest PK should be 100% open
  18. I hereby suggest that PK should not be giving reducing -30% def and speed and explored to everyone where pk players at , it is not fair at all, while most of those players has no manners, and it is our responsibility to teach them a lesson . And also , i hopefull, pk scrolls, top pk scrolls can be sell in any grocery shop or clan shop. Since gm are not there 24 hours watching on server, why lot let players decide to elliminate those bots and no manners players who take other spot by killing other player? Why people only dare to pk by using their lv 105 toon and high level ups with fu
  19. 1. Malaysia 2. Google VPN 3. Constant lag and disconnecting issues 4. Everywhere , blazing swamp, phantasmal, town of aden , castle sieges and screen lag. remarks: Server was down many times, and yet we havent gifted any golden dendi balls, and no gm buffs at fantasy isle.. I paid for destiny pack..and this is what i get in return, so sad...i cant even see the future of amazon servers..!! i thought it is going to be new beginning since last 9 hours and 45 minutes server maintainance but it did solve a little bit...but serve does not sustain well..more disconn
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