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  1. Well like Mikeha say GK is good . My main is evis/dread now an using same gear. Just exalted wep on dual but works ok . Can solo tanor at 107 no problem. If u go GK on dual u use same wep to so this is good . . Dread i think its perfect for me good aoe . Pm me ingame if u like to talk
  2. On evis u can use ur quest gear up to 107 no problem. An are u going to buy ncoins? If so maby gett blessed exalted pack . I Will say use ur exalted an go for bloody wep +12 first. Maby dont have gk as dual . U Will get borring having 2 singel target chars .
  3. Yes forgot to say got clan belt lvl 2 . Forgotten all skils lvl 6 . So yes jewels i know i need upgrade on .
  4. Hi just like to know if am on the right path. My evis is lvl 110 . Dual is 107 R110 bloody fist +12 15%dmg aug . 3 sa +10 exalted armor 15%giants aug buff on second wep Radiant +5 Rind shirt Crit rings Lvl 3 full arti book +4 attri . +4 fighter p.crit dmg . +4 balanse p.crit Elmore +7 Red cat 3 Scorpio +7 Maby more items i forgott . And now hard to gaine more dmg .. My bild is only p.critt Anyone got som info to make me better? i know i can gett better jewlery and talis butt is there any hid
  5. 1 norway 2no 3 hitting mobs. Alligator. SV . and now i cant make ssr at the same time Wien i hitt mobs . No problem befor .. opening inventory i freez for 2 sec .
  6. Yes it is in now 15 min .. summer vinter time !!!
  7. Hi i got an evis lvl 107 and i Think my Dmg is low . What is the best Way to setup . Gear . R99 light +8 set .octavis nec . Creation ring . Dragon rind shirt . Pve belt . +12 bloody fist r99 . Radiant auth . Insanity . Atlas. Arti book lvl2 full . I have try many dif Ap setup butt still cant gett my dmg up . And i like to know what is the best maro setup .
  8. Hi i play evis /dread and love it . Evis can solo in PI on free quest gear at lvl 106 .
  9. Hi can Someone help me gett my setup right. I like to Know what AP setup is good . And item i need . Go for crit dmg or skill crit dmg . And so on . Got bloddy 12 . And +8r99 armor and the rest is standar gear. I think i god low dmg and like to gett more .. ty i taket all info i can
  10. Hi i have the giant critt on second wep i have made macro to swich wep and buff . Butt cant have 2 macros aktive at same time . What is ur setup for this when u use autohunt??
  11. Hi what pve macro is best for evis ?? What skill to use and so on . I have try difrent type of skills butt think i kill slow
  12. Hi the New skill u can learn gravity switch. It say changes the effect of Heavy punch . Butt evis dont have eny skill named hevy punch so what skills are this New one effects? ?
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