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  1. Of course, but imagine if the Karma system was working, and you could dispose of a party in your favorite spot.
  2. Give me your in game name, and I will show how carebear I am.
  3. Nah, let's keep chatting so we can keep my thread at the top of the forum. Your opinion is irrelevant, just keep responding, kk thanks.
  4. As they should be. If you are stronger, you should be able to push people out of spots you want, or protect your own spot. Unfortunately, as it stands, for every PK, you have to die at least once in return. I don't want to play side by side with carebears. If you don't want to fight, I want you out of the game.
  5. The fact that you are mocking me makes me want to PK you, you're lucky that I can't. Yes, there is a downside to correcting the system; at least at that point it would be a system. It is currently a useless feature.
  6. Please explain this logic to me. Because permareds exist, the penalty should be more harsh? By definition, a permared is a toon that never intends to wash it's karma, therefor it would unaffected by the current system.
  7. Dearest NCSoft, The karma system is currently broken. The entire reason that the karma system exists is to keep players in check, knowing that any moment, flagged or not, another player could take away your precious exp. As the PKee, you have a generally small window of opportunity (dependent of # of pks) for a redemption kill on that player before they can wash their karma. HOWEVER, that is not what we have. We have an unusable system where the only efficient way to wash karma is by dying yourself. This has lead players to abuse the sacred practice of respecting each others spot as
  8. Friends of L2, the adena spam is the worst I have ever seen. Cannot hangout in town without having all of the player text completely removed by several lines of adena spam text per spammer. Solution: Why can't a crowded sourced banning method be implemented, whereby if an account/IP receives X number of adena ad blocks, they are investigated and locked. Obviously the number needs to be set high enough to avoid abuse, and never shared w/ players. I realize they will just keep coming back, but I can't imagine this problem is more widespread than a few hundred accounts.
  9. @Hime @Juji The attendance event rune becomes available to me today, but my launch pack rune is still active for another 17 days. Do they stack? If not, will it begin ticking as soon as I receive it, or is there some kind of a box that I can use it when I want? And lastly, assuming no to the first 2 questions, what is the duration of the attendance event? Could I delay taking my rewards until the launch pack rune expires, and still get all the remaining days?
  10. @Juji and team Thank you for addressing the issues in tonight's patch.
  11. Nothing says Classic L2 like a good old squash (pumpkin for October) event. Make it happen perty plx! @Juji
  12. I mean sure, I can get by, but what I am looking to know is what it will cost me to walk through Aden/Giran on high graphics with no FPS loss. (Just using those situations as a metric cause it is what I can test in retail right now)
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