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  1. Hi, today that bug was fixed at RU Classic servers - so dead chars cannot port in "Tomb of Ancient Pirates", but they dont fix instant teleport from any place any charecter even with 5500+ karma. Its realy anoing that PK chars have debuff that block teleport, but they can port in "Tomb of Ancient Pirates". Before that global update port was only posible from peace zone in "Spacial Hunting Zone", now its look like circus but not like pvp game.
  2. ty, and a problem is in instant teleport from any place too, so this bug start abuse no only dead PK chars for free res in Orc's Vilage, but now many players use it to instance escape from pvp etc not even using bsoe (even bsoe have cast time, this teleport dont have cast - its instantly). Its realy make from pvp some clown show.
  3. Dead characters can teleport to "Spacial Hunting Zone" like "Tomb of Ancient Pirates". Previously, it was only possible to enter it from a peaceful zone, but now it is possible to port to it even in a dead state. It make big hole in pvp, some players start to abuse it.
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