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  1. Bro i just didnt know that the slot qas committed to the summon process.... It worked btw. Thnx all!!! Layla.
  2. @Juji @Hime @LIME help plz! Homu 1 Homu 2 Homu 3
  3. My friend, thnx for ur concern but if this was true i wouldnt make the thread. I wrote, when i turn to cradle the button is faded. When i turn to normal screen with the bars, the button is pushable.
  4. Hey peeps, thnx for ur concern. I do switch back to the original homu page BUT only because i have free slot and 4 bars full and yet faded button... Thats why i made the thread... Cause even from the beginning of the homu and the cradle, rhe button is ALWAYS faded.
  5. Seriously now, it is very annoying. I play from GR too and when the clock hits around to 10pm everything dcs. This isnt normal since u migrated the server and u also killed the greedy boxes. As if the box was the problem... Prices UP! More LAG than ever! More DCs than ever! Prove me wrong...
  6. I have put every single hourglass at wh, holding on me only the brilliant one. The thing is that when i turn to cradle i see the brilliant choice, i click on it making it gold looking BUT the "Come to me" button is faded (yes i have all the bars full). It only comes up when i switch to the original homu screen. So i guess that its a random... But, yet again, it says that the brilliant homu hourglass summons a high or top new homu. Right? So the question is... Is it random when and if it triggers? And when i summon homu, why it comes up se general nymph ie.? Is it a bug or it "w
  7. Random without having an hourglass on me, only the brilliant from the event?!
  8. Hey, In order to summon high or top homunculus i deposited every hourglass, except the brilliant one... Aaaand, what i summoned was... General Popo or General Kaw or General Chorong... Is that possible? I mean, i had a brilliant on me, not a general...
  9. PrincessLayla

    Yul setup

    Hey peeps, I changed my main to delf yul so i would need a bit help on how to start building it and farm with it. From scratch to the point i can solo some stuff without having to log accounta on 3 laptops to do so... I could also use a good macro setup and skills tree. Thnx for ur interest! Layla.
  10. Well, in my eyes they should, somehow, catch up with the f2p-low spenders-newbies of the server. Which means, u didnt waste ur money cause everytime this happens something a lot greater comes up. So, be patient my friend and let the server grow up a bit cause the ppl that cant afford paying large amounts in ncoins usually quit. That leads us to the fact that the server has no renewable players, so less fun for us, which leads the company to lower income, not wanted to them. So, again, be patient and lets see whats coming.
  11. The Enhanced Challenger Thrower doesnt appear on the soul crystal options, as the other exalted weapons appear and, moreover, it cannot be augmented with the stone cause it doesnt appear also. Check it plz. Layla.
  12. Farewell to all those Wynns... Including me!!!
  13. Yo, I raised a dual tyrr dreadnought from main tyrr titan. Whats the best setup for starters? (including Dyes). Thnx in advance! Layla.
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