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  1. Yo, I raised a dual tyrr dreadnought from main tyrr titan. Whats the best setup for starters? (including Dyes). Thnx in advance! Layla.
  2. Well, last days i consider rerolling but i would be pleased to get some opinions 1st Atm, i own an 107 healer with almost 107 feoh SS dual, and an 106 wynn EM with 107 othell WR. Both toons have r99 +8 sets, enhanced shadow weapons, +3 +4 noble circlets, lvl 2 brooches, lvl 1 abundancies, +5 cloaks, low-mid jewels (not starter ones). Healer also has lvl 2 arti book just for the effects (talis +0), sapp4, diam4, blue cats3 and venir 16. To be honest, i was hoping change from dual to main as it concerns the healer, but i see many archers all around so im a bit confused on what to do
  3. Seriously, i have no problem in killing full spawn and wait for the respawn neither of my 2 parties. I just dont get items and i dont know why... All mobs die in almost 10 to 15 secs... Dunno... Maybe im that unlucky...
  4. Well, here is today's elite boxes from a 7ppl grp mid geared: 2 mage, 2 archer, tank, iss, heal. 5, 5, 5, 6, 3, 1, 1. This is just stupid. I was getting min 15 boxes per toon... It has definetaly got nerfed...
  5. 100 chests max for 1 toon or the whole 7 in total? Cause the im making out really few of them for the dps they make...
  6. Well, today's rewards were: 1) Tank --> 7 chests 2) Necro --> 2 chests 3) Sorc --> 9 chests 4) SR --> 6 chests 5) PR --> 6 chests 6) Healer --> 4 chests 7) ISS --> 8 chests It used to be 12-14 each toon...
  7. Hey people, I have a 48 lvl human fighter which i raised with fortune pockets and dropped it. Now i wanna raise her, but tarti dont pop the Q mark! Any ideas? Thnx in advance!
  8. So, im farming FoC wiyh 7 ppl group. Before last weeks update, i was making at least 15 boxes to every toon. Now 2 - 7 - 5 etc etc, per day. Did any1 else notice that? Moreover, this week, i decided to use the drop 200% 7 days runes, cause i thought i maybe was unlucky... So ppl, wtf is going on? Despite the fact before and after valentines event i didnt notice any difference with the cookie stats... Prove me wrong...
  9. Well, since no1 is asking, i will... Could some1 give the lications of the chests? Especially in the low level areas... Thnx for helping! Cheers
  10. Hello again peeps, I was wondering, "how can i raise my LUC stat", so i thought i'd ask for some info from the specialists... That's you!!! So, as the title says, any ideas on how should raise my luc stay on my spoiler? I got some +5 dyes and venirs talisman but i only reach 64.... Any suggestions?
  11. Well, i did field of crisis today, with 14 toons. I have to say that i only picked up soul stones and spirit ores Could u tell me what other ways are there for farming for guys like me? Thnx for ur time... I'd really appreciate it if u could some of the ways... Thanx for the help!
  12. Hahah yeee but yet u still didnt tell me what or how to farm... Seriously, im desperate...
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