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  1. You may wish to pass this onto the GMs that are responding to the email inquiries. Yehara and Aulakira dont seem to have got the message
  2. You can always go down the dispute route I suppose You will try to informally resolve any dispute that arises under this User Agreement and/or the Services for at least 30 days before initiating any formal proceeding. To begin the informal resolution process, you must notify us that you wish to resolve a dispute, and include your name, contact information, any applicable serial code, an explanation of your side of a dispute, and at least one reason why we should resolve the dispute in your favor. Based on the information provided in that notice, we may take any action and has no ob
  3. Yeah I can see this but at least 2 had not been used since Dec :). Regardless the GMs are who they are and we cant expect much for from them, not that they give us anything anyway.
  4. I dont know if this is exactly what they will do but they need to look at there mechanisms for detection as they are obviously flawed. For me it was my mentee accounts they are all graduated and were my storage toons. 3 accounts had not even been out of town since the XP event last year . The responses that they are not able to say why is just ridiculous, there are what 4-5 options just circle one. Customer service has never been a forte for any of the GMs so I'm not truly surprised. What does surprise me is that their CEO allows this type of poor support.
  5. I take it you have learnt to judge to quickly when it comes to the work done by NCSoft. Give it a month or so, they are like a flu, you think its gone but then it just comes back and hits you harder
  6. If this is the best he can do I would hate to see him on a bad day. Really they need to start looking at root causes. Try removing /disabling the ranking system. Wont know until you try. The issue is that due to the XP event people have spent real money on the expectation that they would be able to play. This obviously is not happening. Are we all impacted by the issue? Yes we are. However, NCSoft needs to take responsibility for the issue and stop trying to dodge the issues as they have been doing for the last year or so. If they didnt know what the issue was then, then they w
  7. Yes but they can also simulate this with a variety of products. It should be part of their quality checks before they release. We can obviously see they have no testing of checks
  8. Agree, for those that are using lots of boosts it's just more money down the drain. This event although good would be of no benefit to extend. We all still have the DC issues, the servers have crashed how many times now? There is the lag, I feel it would have been better to live with it until the event. @Juji @Hime you really need to start taking notice of what your client base is saying and either fix the issue or find someone that can.
  9. And this wasn't thought of when you migrated.. WOW just WOW. I'm just lost for words, you knew you had lag issues, you knew the capacity was not sufficient, yet you still didn't think of this basic thing. Let's see how many more bandaids you will need to put on this game until you start to look at the underlying cause.
  10. I say both they are about as useless as each other. Mind you if you read what the CEO said about NCSoft you would think they are doing a great job. I take it they dont read the forums
  11. But why would @Juji @Hime post on the official forums? Its not like they care about users
  12. Lets be clear its NCSoft. They seem to have issues understanding their own architecture. They also seem to have issues troubleshooting. If I were the CEO I would be looking for new people.
  13. and that surprises you after this many years it will probably be 3 more hours to resolve
  14. Then they should be clearer with responses... The below indicates that they are still monitoring but are unsure if there is an issue on their side, as you know its always the other sides issue. Most competent IT people are able to identify and fix an issue in far less time than these guys. Identifying the problem should not be difficult, they have had this so many times before it should be a standard procedure. We are still monitoring the situation and do not have an ETA at this time.'
  15. how long do you need to monitor it to see there is a problem?
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