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  1. Has anyone tried to sell R Gems to the NPC lately. R Gems now say "Unusable Public Store"
  2. Yeah but when you only get the rare augment once in over 1000 tries its hard to swap, since normally it should give you a rare at least 1 in 50/60 goes from my experience. The rate this time was very very low. I expect the rates for artifacts will be just as low, so good luck
  3. Its funny as the GMs think that the forums will help resolve the issues, we all know that @Juji @LIME @Hime will never read this thread. However, one good part about this ticket was the confirmation that this is working as intended "However, I can only confirm that its mechanics are working as intended." That being said you may buy an item that is only intended for one thing but the chances of you getting it are NEVER in your favour. As I mentioned to the GMs I had no issues If I had got a different augment. The fact that I got it once in over 1100 times and this is what 3 GMs have now t
  4. Yeah forums is the place according to the "support" and I do use the term with sarcasm. In a nut shell the likes of @Juji @Hime @LIME that are left to mediate this which means nothing will change as we already saw how the comments from the poll went.... nothing was done. I just felt I would share what NC SOFT said. I asked a question which was simple, is this normal? By not answering that question that have said this is normal. We all knew that rates were low but over 1100 to 1 seems high, imagine what the odds are for better things
  5. I finally got the typical response from NC SOFT @Hime @Juji @LIME Based on their responses you can see how low the rates are for augments and lets no forget other things. GM Aulakiria 11 hours ago Hello there, Honestly, we do get your point here and we understand where you are coming from, but getting augmentation is fully developed to match the current game standards and the rarer the augmentation you're trying to achieve, the lower the rate for it to appear. However, that doesn't mean that this fun
  6. This seems to be inline with what I have seen. I tried further and with over 1100 stones I only received the special Augment once. With odds this bad NC Soft are worse than casino odds . I found that Confusion and Strike seem to be the most frequent occurrences, sometimes the same augment 2-3 times in a row.
  7. Curious as to how many stones people have used to get the unique augment and how often a unique augment has appeared. I tried on a Ferios cloak and only received a unique augment once with over 500 stones. Even with the bad rates NC provide this seems low
  8. Then I think you need a new diagnostic tool. I can see when it happens as I see about 10-15 friends logout at the same time. Get a new person that is doing the diagnostics as they clearly have no clue
  9. nope ... well apparently NC Soft do , which means its far more important
  10. And this maintenance on the Dim Server is so crucial it cant wait for normal maintenance? Really?
  11. We all probably have seen that the quest for the Freya is not progressing when you use the Brilliant Freya Scrolls, below was the lack luster response from the GMs. These items were a "reward" from an event but they do not count towards the quest. This is just another way NCWest F us over. We ask these kind of information to avoid confusion since there's plenty of quests on Lineage II that requires such use of scrolls. Furthermore, I verified that you can only use the "Freya's Scroll of Storm" to finish the said quest. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. If you think that this sh
  12. Always refreshing when @Juji @LIME@Hime listen to the feedback from the community. oh wait they didn't haven't and never will.
  13. That would imply they had customer service Can't improve on something that didn't exist unless its created and we all know they wont create it
  14. Yeah I agree. I am no longer playing events. Really there were only a few things that I got that were of any worth and considering the amount of NCCoin I used it really wasn't cost effective. If the shop doesn't come around I will move to Core. I would prefer to spend an amount on a item rather than hope that one comes from a box. @Juji @Hime @LIME congratulations on not listening and losing your client base, you should feel really proud of the feat.
  15. @Hime @LIME What a joke!!!! You have had years to get feedback and you don't EVER listen. If you were a DECENT group of Admins you would have known the issues ages ago. We all know that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be done with this post.
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