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  1. Well i am now able to log into game i have no idea why or how it just happened so i still dc obviously but i am at least able to play even if its only a few hours Good luck to all still unable to play
  2. I have now raised another ticket stating the same thing i stated 2 days ago i hope this time i might get the help i require
  3. I can not believe that having raised a ticket 2 days ago and been told to keep a eye on the forums for details and information of what was being done you are now telling people to raise a ticket i am not computer literate and some of the things you may ask me to do i will probably not be able to do The ticket i raised you stated that the the issues are not my end now you are saying i may have to try to fix this myself do you not understand that some people my not understand these issues i am a victim here i really don't get it at all
  4. Still trying to be patient with the lack of information about this situation I am checking whenever i can to see if i can get into game still no luck I am checking forum to see if any news ( as informed to do by nc soft ) and nothing no gm informing me that something or indeed anything is being done have to say over the very many years i have played this game this is the worse case of no information i have experienced and over the years there has been many incidents Please just keep people informed and dont just treat us as faceless numbers
  5. After maintenance still the same message client will close >5< been like this for nearly 2 days could i get some information of if the fault is my end or with NC Soft as i am getting tired of checking every hour or so
  6. So annoying at least 18 hours of the server will close when i try to log in and i am stupid enough to keep trying xp runes will have expired and what we i get in return my guess is very little I do start to ask myself after about 17 years of playing this game why do i still bother
  7. Still unable to log into game i checked pc when i woke which was about 9 hours ago all i get is to the login screen then it tells ne server will close Is there any news on when this may be fixed ?
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