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  1. NORMAL: Forgotten spellbook (can get 1/2 or 3): 160 ncoin. SALE: Forgotten book chapter 1: 5 BF coins = 160 Ncoin On a sale event the have essentially put the price up on this item :(. Someone really needs to read what the standard price of something is before they decide on a sale price!
  2. Abundance doesn't stack with sayha encouragement. That's probably why its not casting. Also I've heard all iss buffs will be in 1 buff, which will fix any over buffing but someone else might be able to confirm this?
  3. Australia here and not on the list. Wait on response for this question...
  4. red libra for the next month...death knight update will kick off within the next 3 weeks maybe....
  5. My old favourite was Roaring Skylancer because of its cool location. Also always enjoyed Orfen as a challenge
  6. This is the truth! We are severely under geared in comparison to other regions.
  7. Can only hope they give us what we want. Red libra!!
  8. All these 2 week event. Seems like they preparing the server for next update + red libra. I guess maybe a jewel event next followed by update and red libra? Wanna confirm this @Hime
  9. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine What is the purpose of the specific time on the event? Because of the time limit some people are NOT given an equal opportunity to progress. Others that can participate will be subject to being pk'd and tampering because everyone is being encouraged into an instance zone within a small time window Unless this is the environment your encouraging i think the decision should be made to open the event time up to all day so that everyone can participate and its all inclusive regardless of timezone/work/parenting commitments.
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