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  1. The game is impossible to play without regular cash injection. Aden managed to take this concept and yank up the dial to 11. I played my fair share of Essence on the EU servers and Aden is even worse than Essence. Maybe this is just due to the NCWest Special Edition sauce where prices are always 5x higher than their EU counterpart. Aden guides you really nicely from lv1 to somewhere mid 40. After hitting level 45 you either have been lucky with your Aden weapon enchants and rocking something +10, if not; your game is over. After hitting level 45 all you do is grind 1 million adena to
  2. When are we getting a new event giving Lucien's Bracelet? EU, KR, JP, RU all had one around the time of Anniversary but as always NA is left behind. @Juji @Hime @LIME @Sunshine
  3. Thanks for your first and last message. Just like @LIME, which announced to be happy to join the team and was never seen again.
  4. They only check forums on maintenance day. All our questions and concerns will be ignored for another 6 days. Unless you go visit the unofficial, fan made by bot creators and RMT lords, Discord channel. Juji loves to share info there that never makes it to the official forum.
  5. Max performance pure gaming computer and have Avast installed. Dude(tte), uninstall that junk that pretends to be an anti virus and you're good. Avast is a terrible anti virus and is known to block any thing related to any anti-bot (not just Gameguard) for many years. If this is truly your only for gaming PC, you don't need an anti virus because you aren't downloading on the system from unreliable sources.
  6. Lineage II is the only MMORPG in the world that doesn't let you keep items gained in an event. Anniversary event giving you free Freya Ice Rose? Timed Attendance event giving you free Shining Dragon Hour Glass? Timed Login event giving you free Dark Honey Beer? Timed Event giving you 30 days Greater Ruby/Sapphire box? Deleted on maintenance And this results in many many many item-id's for the same item. Because every event creates new Freya Ice Rose. I have an alt with 4 different stacks of Freya Ice Rose. The few lucky ones that didn't got deleted. I do agree tha
  7. Simple solution: Bring out of party char with you with a pickup macro. I never lose any scrolls on Dino.
  8. Emperor Cocktails are the best buffer.
  9. Let's see how many same named, same tagged characters are standing near event platform in Giran, Oren and Rune tonight. If the anti-bot really works, those shouldn't be there any more. If they aren't here here tonight, and are there tomorrow the anti-bot been cracked already. localhost managed to crack every single adjustment done within 12 hours when we still had GameGuard. @Juji The game client patched something. Does this mean this is the anti-bot? Does the anti-bot check game files and other running programs like FROST? Does it monitors incoming packets like XIGNCODE? Or is it se
  10. Probably same guy as that has 40 chars standing near Lara in Giran and Oren. All similar name, same unknown clan tag.
  11. Nerfs happened. @Juji @LIME @Hime Care to explain why Isle of Souls lv108 adena has been nerfed? Prior to Herald patch; solo easily 240-300m Prior to 23 June maintenance; solo easily 400-500m Now; 100-120m Mobs got harder with Herald of Light patch, but going there now is just not cost effective.
  12. @JujiWhat about compensation for those that lost game time on Prestige Rune and Destiny Packs? Dandy Balls are not compensation!
  13. We now all have seen the rewards of the L2Store Promotion as they were intended to be, not the NCWest Special Edition. I hope in the future, we get promotions that are closer to the Korean original than the junk we had now. Enchanting a weapon to +12 for a lv4 Jewel vs Dragon Claw; THAT IS BIG DIFFERENCE in value and power.
  14. Is LIME just another dummy account that we'll tag when server crashes or serious things are going wrong, but never actually replies to us? Or... is LIME someone real and will act like a real moderator/producer/game master and will follow in the footsteps of Spam, OMEGA, BusterCasey and Neutron?
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