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  1. Won't happen here, there is a reason the offices are located in Texas (extreme deregulation, and consumer protection laws are almost non-existent there)
  2. @DukeGr TI server definitely had a 90 before Toi update, might have been another one too but I can't recall for sure. So none of those people you mentioned have help from anything besides macro? I assume they're running their buffers out of range while still in party, and not using something else to invite and dismiss buffers? It's easy to run a DD on macro, but buffers and de-buffers are another story.
  3. There is a reason the offices are located in Texas, it's because of the massive deregulation there.
  4. So the level 90's before Toi was updated were all legit too? Nah don't think so Also, I'm not sure if you know what legit means. It involves using the game's macro system.
  5. Do the GM's ever stop to wonder how there are players who are already level 90+ on a classic server? Do they go "oh, that seems legit" ?
  6. So L2Coin drop rates are still fine in Toi? So basically it's my fault for not getting L2coins anymore, I guess. I just need to be VIP 10, all epics, weapon +infinity, and using full 'advanced macros'. EZ GG /s
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