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  1. I love it. Really hardcore rates, brings back the memories Keep em!
  2. You are making a fair point, but i still think you are underestimating the power of 200%+ exp boost from all the l2store/fishing/etc + 2nd profession buff scrolls from lvl1. And you are right about the 1 side dominating the server, that's a much bigger concern. I guess we'll see what happens.
  3. They explained it during the livestream. Watch the replay on YT or twitch.
  4. 2 months? Try 2 weeks You don't wanna know. And it does make a big difference. They affect the economy, the price of mats, etc.
  5. On the reveal stream the producer told us that the catacombs will be in the game @ launch. We think he might've made a mistake and he was going to say that the catacombs are going to be in the game, but they're not going to be there at launch to stay true to 1.5 experience. Can you please confirm which one is it? Thanks.
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