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  1. Well, each time when I go to Primaveral Isle they are char arround running and trying to steal the drops, on the ground, as a Yul sometimes the scrolls are far away and cant pick them in auto pick, i am tired to check if no scrolls on the ground before this scammers come to steal them. - Can please do the drops from yul / feoh or other aoe players will be automatically on the inventary and not on the ground? - Scrolls ressurection / bsoe are same color, also others but it happened i used a bsoe trying to rezz someone from my party and I go away loosing sometimes the instances, why no
  2. In other servers is the same? I means is once each 10 years? I think it's time to quit.
  3. I changed my main class during the last Red Libra event and I regret , I really dont like my new main class, it will be possible at the next Red LIbra to change back again? Or it is permanent? Please give a reply @Juji @Hime thank you.
  4. I want to give thanks to Ncsoft for erase the Greedy Treasure Chests. Today I dc and get no one in queue, game has no lags! This is a pleasure to play! No Greedy bots, no spy cameras gives to us a good game, no lags and no waitting in queue. Please @Hime @Juji think to bann the Greedies forever!
  5. 100% ok with you. If want the top botters names using bot programs i can write here too.
  6. lol seems you are one of the king of bots too? of course lags and queues was because this trash of greedy bots! Lets see now and dont cry a lot HA HA HA HA
  7. Austria no melee lags all time melee lags all time simple, since the ranking is back lags back too. Ban the greedy treasure chests (mass lags with people using bot programs running with lot of bots), remove the ranking system (is useless, why this ranking?). GM's have a look arround Tanor... you will see a party of those bots, it is a shame!
  8. Can we give names? Because I have a few ones from Chronos server.
  9. I though that bots were forbidden in game, also bot programs, I am pretty sure ncsoft knows all areas are full of bots/cameras. Why doesn't ncsoft change de way to get a jewel or other, for example a drop directly when hunting. This could also end up with a lot of the latency we encounter and will give same chance to all players/all levels.
  10. Unfortunally is always same idiots, just check the world chat and read this ones selling a few jewels 5, this g chets just gives profit to same ones, always same ones.
  11. Nice sale just not for the Europeans. Why dont give to all players same chance? We spent also NCOINS not only players from the USA. Thanks.
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