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  1. I realize this thread is two years old, but I would like to ask for an update. I've had a ton of varnish, thread, and i think ive even had some iron ore, but when selling them to the merchants, I am basically giving them away for free cuz it says 0 adena. Did something change with basic mats? Are they even used for crafting anymore? Are higher level mats able to be sold? Somebody help me out here please. I really dont want to waste time with a scavenger and/or a warsmith if they cant even do the basics that i remember from the true classic L2.
  2. WTF?!?! Mark this day in L2 history. Just went to abandoned camp for that part of my journey and I am alone, completely alone except for my box!! Absolutely no pony farm bots at all. Is it a farmer holiday today? Perfect time for melee toons to level without having to try to get a kill before those casters take it. This is nice, I’m cancelling all IRL plans for the rest of the day!!!
  3. I'm feeling your pain right now. Just got my ISS Heiro to 100...what a pain it was. I would normally box my ISS for my Yul or Othell for this very reason. My question is this though, Isn't it fairly expensive for the self buffs as opposed to the free ones from ISS? Granted, my DDs are only between 95-99 but it seems the cost of the spirit ore would be greater than the income....unless of course the income increases greatly at the higher levels; which i HOPE is the case. If I were to go that route right now, it would cost me just a little over $1 million per hour for the self buffs I can d
  4. I get it, I was trying to use auto-hunt just to get a kill/xp for myself but there was no way, they are too fast. I got fed up with it and did what I did many years ago...perma-red. I brought my Spellhowler in and wiped out their entire camp. As you say though, they had a preset waypoint and kept coming back, not even trying to attack me. I must've killed 50 before someone decided they wanted to kill a PKer. I think it was some random guy, not even a farmer bot enforcer type. After that little bit of enjoyment, I went back to the live, or retail, or whatever we are calling the curren
  5. Thx to both of you for the insight. I also have played and loved daggers since ‘04. I dabbled with other classes but dagger was my “go to” guy. I definitely like the forward facing style over rear and flanks..that requires a bit more effort (not that I’m lazy) and someone to hold aggro so you can get to those spots. As of right now I’m just solo two-boxing so it seems the FS is the best option for a dagger for me and my situation. I don’t expect plunder to make me the richest toon on the server, I just like having that little extra something. And if they will be accepted in parties later,
  6. I cane back to L2 after a very lengthy break. All my surviving toons were moved to Naia but I can’t really play them as they only have up to S gear and certainly not enough $$to buy even basic R so I created new toons and leveled with the free gear very fast to 99 BUT that’s where it slowed down almost to a stop. With that little bit of grinding I still don’t have the $$ to upgrade. The xp gain for my party of two was probably less than 1/100 of a percent. decided to try classic. What a mistake. Go to the areas you are supposed to quest in such as abandoned camp (or anywhere there is
  7. I am curious as to whether it is in my best interest to continue with my FS. I’ve always loved the idea of spoil/plunder to supplement my income with something I can sell. Basically I am wondering if it is worth the time and effort and will the spoils be relevant and worth a damn. I talked to another FS in game and asked about the drops. He was still in low 100s so only thing he was getting was fragments of something that when combined would sell for what seems to be a decent price. I’m not, nor I have I ever been concerned with being the top pve/pvp toon, I just want something enjoyable
  8. Thx, i obviously have to read up on the do's and don'ts and cans and can'ts when it comes to this.
  9. Interesting. I was thinking the same thing but other way around. I am currently leveling a Fortune Seeker and thought that the Maestro would be a good fit...spoils plus crafting all wrapped up in one....that is if it works like that. I'm still a little behind the curve on dual classes.
  10. Thanks. Once i got back in game, thats exactly what i did. I'm not "feeling it" with the summoner though. Not likely to be for me.
  11. At this point ISS is in the running for my true main. As much as i love playing a straight DD, ISS Doomcryer was fun getting to 95; can DD decent and self buff for free, whats not to love about that. I did notice though that all my toons so far get those same buffs but they have to buy the stones to do it. Seems like that can get fairly expensive. If i find that $$ money wont be an issue to sustain that, then I may go with the DD, either Yuo or Othello.
  12. Thank you. I'll check it out once the server comes back up. This is not likely going to be a main for me, never was back in the day either. I just want some variety and to make sure I try everything before settling for a main, an alt, an alt main, and a main alt.....yeah I have a bit of alt-itis still after all these years. Autohunt was definitely not in-game last i played. The last time I stopped playing was some time after they implemented dual classes and the last class change that we have now. It seems that i lost all those toons i loved so much. Not to worry though since we can
  13. After many, many years, I just returned to L2 (not sure for how long) after getting bored with all other MMORPGs that just dont stack up. I created a summoner but for the life of me cant figure out how to get my summons to attack. I can right click its name and i see defensive, passive, and cancel summons. If I recall correctly, there used to be buttons to make it attack my target but as I stated, I am not seeing those actions anywhere. Is there a pet skill bar somewhere that I am missing? I have been toying around with several other toons just to see what I want to focus on and this is t
  14. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's probably not a good idea to contact his wife about the game. Consider what the family is going through when you think about contacting them about a GAME. I realize some people put a ton of time and effort into getting items/clans where they are BUT decency and respect towards his family should take priority. Sucks to start at the beginning but it is the right thing to do. Also consider the fact that she may not even know his account info if that is what you are looking for. I know my wife doesn't know jack about any of my games. Now on the other ha
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