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  1. Seriously, there will always be bots on the server. Even the loudest cries for help, will not be heard. Its really annoying. Some developer is sitting in his office chair joking with his coworker about us saying...
  2. Honestly, pick the server that has a Siege time that you would prefer. This is because you most likely will be asked to attend, and you want to make sure it is held during a time that you would be available. Ensure that the active server prime time, is in conjunction with your own playtime. After that, you can begin looking for a clan and people that are helpful. However, you most likely would need to hit at least level 20 before players begin taking you seriously. Maybe even level 40. You came back in just the right time though, because there is a pack available when the update hits that
  3. I'm not too sure, but thats because I don't like to compare those two classes. My personal opinion is no. That's because the DA's panther is actually pretty beefy, more so than the golemn in my experience. Not that you should care. Your advantage as a Warsmith is that you can do good damage, and be useful through crafting goods. In my experience (and I had to learn this the hard way) is that you should be happy with the class because you enjoy it. Try not to compare a tank's DPS, with yours because your not a tank.
  4. If there is an unscheduled server restart for some reason it will happen then as well.
  5. >Resurrecting this dead topic< I don't think they are going to be better than Prophet buffs, honestly. However, I will say that the Prophet Buffs stack on top of them, so it really don't matter. Get them anyway! Additionally, the buffs are highly recommended because they add soo much value. Really, I have to say they are one of those "Must have" skills. The only skill I have not tried is the Golemn heal, so if anyone has let me know.I feel that the heal is only there if you are not 2/3 boxing.
  6. @lelu is right! Honestly, the damage for a Warsmith is great with Beastshots, the best weapon you can get, and fully buffed. Not only that, but if you decide to re-roll you still have the option of sitting down in town and make adena while on another character. Though, they are good even without Beastshots. The Golemn reinforcements, are an absolute must for damage. There is a noticeable difference without the buffs let me tell you. When the mob is a bit less than 1/4 health left, you can use the golemn's special attack and your Hammer Crush at the same time and be pretty much guaranteed
  7. I have a suggestion, and its so rare no one even thought to mention it! PALADIN Can solo, albeit slowly since its a tank. The upside is that when you want to group, you will be welcomed.
  8. Currently, we are in need of a Warcryer, Overlord, and one more tank.
  9. Bump! We are a very active clan - Level 3, and recruiting active Level 30+ players from U.S. and Canada! Contact Evilelrond, CRITLER, or Hatecrafted to get tagged up!
  10. Prime Gaming Times: 8pm - 2am EST on Monday - Friday and all weekend long. Requirements: Other than 30+, we do require that you actively use Discord. Since nearly all of our members are from North America, we also require that you speak English.
  11. We are recruiting level 30+ players to be a part of our active and growing gaming community on the Aden Server. Whisper Hatecrafted or CRITLER if interested.
  12. Good job though man! If anything, now you can claim Repetitive Stress Syndrome as a Disability ... LOL!
  13. Instead of quitting or getting frustrated, go to the newest server. Merely suggesting something you likely already considered.
  14. The problem is (I suspect) you don't see the benefit of farming in the same spot as it applies to drops. Let's say an item has a 1% drop rate. if you kill 100 mobs, then the chances that the item will drop significantly increases. Now, it's true that someone may come behind you and get the item, but that's how chance works. Your better off staying in one spot though, in the event the mobs have been killed enough to drop their item.
  15. So these players are supposed to dump extra shots and time into a mob for absolutely no extra adena. Why even fight them then? I respect your diffent opinion. I just disagree.
  16. #1 I never said to stop until you get a full drop in a spot. Don't quote me on stuff I didn't even say brah. #2 I don't care if you think playing the market should be optional.
  17. ROFL Seriously though, x2 mobs should give more adena than X1 mobs.
  18. @Rodah You sir are absolutely correct! +1
  19. Keep in mind, there are a lot of +xp% buffs floating around out there. The faster you level, the less Adena and drops you get while in that level. Also, you have to farm the hell out of a spot to have a better chance at a good drop. With all that being said, if you are not playing the market your going to be behind those that do. However, I find it odd how some are screaming there was a spoil nerf, and the Adena amount dropped per mob is too low at high levels still. Especially when there are folks rolling with top D grade weapons at level 35 astonished that not everyone can also do
  20. I have no idea why anyone would ever use light armor on a Dwarf, or why they ever even gave Dwarfs the option. Honestly, if you use light armor, you are doing yourself absolutely no favors. In other words, use Heavy and never turn back.
  21. Just move to the newest server if it bothers you that much. Its not like you have THAT much invested, its been less than a month.
  22. Let me be the first to say thank you for coordinating this. Serialkillers are honored to accept the invitation, and will be in attendance.
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