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  1. Hi All, Do Mark of Journeys stack, or should you just keep the highest one in your inventory? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Has anyone found a way to solve random disconnects? Solutions i've tried: a. Battleping b. Watching for lost packets - No lost Packets found c. WiFi Connection d. Wired Connection (Cat6) - this is my standard connection e. WTFast f. Closing all other programs g. Setting application priority to real time in Windows My PC is: Ryzen 3800X 16GB DDR4 @ 2900Mhz GTX1080 The random disconnects seem much, much more prevalent around US Peak time. I am in Australia with an average ping of between 220ms - 240ms. Will increasing the VIP level on one of my charac
  3. When you fix server stability and get rid of random disconnects ill consider coming back. I cant go 30 minutes without a disconnect when running more than 1 box.. Even having 1 box running there are random disconnects (albeit less frequently). Till then, im playing TESO.
  4. What have you people done??? You removed the Auto Macro loop? Is this some kind of joke? I was one of the few looking forward to the patch, and i love the new UI but come on.... this is a bit much.... You are punishing legitimate players and basically handing the bots more adena/loot/control... Disgusting. This has to be one of the dumbest, most sad decisions made by NCsoft thus far. I actually cant understand who would hvae thought the decision to remove automacro loops would be a good one.
  5. Alright, im legitimately done with this game, it has become unbearable. I cant leave my duo going for 1 hour without having to worry 1 has DCed... RIP Lineage 2. Your servers are absolute garbage.
  6. I support reducing the client limit to 2.
  7. Totally agree. Everyone just take a break and relax. Also, less people playing = less income and hopefully things like this wont happen again.
  8. Hey Guys! Look, i know some of you are, for whatever reason, really unhappy with the state of the game. I was this way too on launch especially with the nerfed drop rates; but now my opinion on the game has completely changed! As someone who played on Bartz back in 2004-2006, the game was hard.. really hard, even if you had time to grind it was a slog. Id just like to say, after taking a month off from classic and coming back, i am really happy with how the game currently is. My personal opinion is that the dev team has struck a great balance between what Lineage 2 was (originally)
  9. Nothing but anecdote. Videos or it didn't happen. I call complete BS.
  10. Sunk about 30 hours in so far but not spending another $ or playing another minute until the greedy adena rate nerfs are fixed. How could anyone expect to get C grade when the time comes? .25% drop rate compared with the original game is some shady business practices. Does NCsoft and NCWest expect to get away with this? The gaming industry needs to take a good hard look at itself when it comes to insidious mechanics designed to fleece money from its playerbase.. quite disgusting.
  11. @Juji there is definitely something wrong with the drop rate for items and especially adena. Adena drops have been nerfed EXTREMELY hard as far as im concerned. I would hate to hear this was a deliberate action to 'encourage' people to utilize the in game shop... This would have EA level effects on your reputation...
  12. Dont people ever get tired of complaining.. i can only imagine how you are in day to day life.... I read through the patch notes and am really pleased! I feel the team at NCsoft got a great balance between the hardcore fans and those who understand this isn't an easy game but cant spend 8 hours per day playing. Nothing to me screams 'catering to carebears' and to say so, i believe is ignorant and false. As someone mentioned before - Lineage 2 classic is a marathon, not a sprint!!! The features brought over from the modern day Lineage 2 are fantastic whilst not overbearing, and the V
  13. Oh wow... Talk about nostalgia!!! Im so bleep excited for classic :D:D:D
  14. I tried Mudfish.. About 230ms and no change with Leatrix. Even with the Mudfish lower ping (compared to my normal one), it felt quite unresponsive. I did read it would cost me next to nothing though.. But everyone will have different results based on their location so nothing is definitive!
  15. For me: Base ping: 260ms from Australia to Texas. WTFast: 180ms BattlePing: 220ms BattlePing + Leatrix: 202ms Given the price of WTFast ($9.99US/Month) im going with BattlePing ($5.45US) Cheers,
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