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  1. N3TRunn3r, lol calling me kid because i am smarter than you? Lol, again use ur brain to think, you can sell your mats use that money to buy mats at cheap and sell and higher price. Keeping your mats doesn't help you. I don't think you understand how business work. Right now i have about 10 thousand of mats in stocks for reselling. I keep doubling my money from resell mats. I have 20k when i first started it and i didn't get any full drops from mobs except a Puma D shirt that's all i got so far. Most of the time i dont play i set up store. So if you dont know how to use ur brain, then dont call other ppl kid. Play smarter and stop complaining. If you can not progress fast because you don't have a sense of making adenas in this game, the accept and play it in slow way, dont use SS then you will be profitable This game is not supposed to progress fast. I am still at my lv 30 now and i dont see anything wrong with it.
  2. Again so many cry babies. I am a player with family i can't even have full hour a day to play. I still make 1 mil after the a month after reselling mats and other items. You just lv up like an idiot and ask why you dont have adena. Stop leveling do other things that make adena. Make a dwarf to spoil, reselling things, go fishing.... Find a solution instead cry like a baby
  3. Stupid Event

    Somehow i smell jealousy in this thread. I wonder if you are the one who got the top D weapon, would you complaint about this Grow up!!
  4. The title says it all. I was a fan of this game in the old day. I played the old l2 about 15 years ago. In my memory it was a bit less harder but it was still very hard to get C stuff and D stuff. It is fun that way. So i did agree NCSoft has issue with lv 40+ adena (they admitted and they will fix) and they had issue before with spoil/adena before with all the mobs. They already fixed some and continue to fix others , i am happy with how it is. For ppl complaint about how hard it is to grind and to earn adenas, let me ask you this: Are you suppose to lv this fast? I only see the issue with you level too fast and your adena can't keep up with your level. You are not suppose to shortcut the process. If you do then you will suffer the consequences. I spend only 10 hours a week to play because i don't have time anymore as grown up adult. My level is only at 26 right now. However i got 700k and all D gears already from buying and reselling stuff. I didn't even have 50k when i was lv 20. Most of the time i just set up the store to sell and buy stuff. I don't have time to play much but when i do have time i have enough adena to buy shots for me and my summon so that i can lv pretty fast. It is really enjoyable at the current rate. The game is not all about leveling, you wont have enough adena if you just leveling unless you are lucky enough to get expensive drops. You have to spoil/sell-resale/craft/selling-buff/etc .. So find a solution instead of so negative on your post. So i hope everyone enjoy this game as much i do. It is a train back to the past sweet memory